Honeywell 20P Wired Window Sensor Malfunction

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Question Honeywell 20P Wired Window Sensor Malfunction

Hi Honeywell Vista 20p (ADT Safewatch Pro 3000) security system experts.

Below are one issue and one wish list item that I hope you will help me to solve:

1. The Issue. Every morning (it happens only around 5 – 7 AM) one or two of the basement windows send open chime then sensor closes itself. Typically it is zone 5 but I had zone 7 doing the same thing from time-to-time (both are wired sensors on basement windows). For example, today I got open window chime at 6AM then it closed itself. I am positive that no one opens the window at that time (as a matter of fact they are never opened) and I’ve checked the sensors by opening window – they worked properly. All the door sensors and motion detector work perfectly fine. I bypassed the zone 5 a couple of days ago and the issue stopped. I cleared the bypass yesterday night and got open chime on zone 5 this morning (hadn’t have zone 7 open yet though). I had zone 5 open chime from time-to-time before I installed EVL4 (details below) as well, so this is not new.

2. The wish list item. I would like to remove zone 8 Telco Tamper. I do not have a landline phone service but unplugging the security system from RJ 11 outlet in the basement makes security system go into alarm. I have two fixed-English keypads, so removing a zone using them is not really an option. This is not something that bugs me too much and I can perfectly live with it but if someone knows how to unplug my security system from non-existing phone line without setting it into alarm mode I will really appreciate if you share your knowledge with me.

Some more details on the setup.

I inherited ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 security system with purchase of my house a few years ago. The previous owner had a contract with ADT but I did not renew it. I did not have any plans for the system and completely ignored it except I liked the chime feature. From time to time the system was beeping with annoying FC and CHECK 100 codes but I was simply powering it down then brining it up again (thanks to the perfect, convenient installation in the basement utility room) which typically cleared the problem and I could continue enjoy the chime feature. A couple of month ago the FC and CHECK 100 started to happen more often so I was forced to learn a bunch of useless stuff about this fine specimen of the last century technology. To the best of my understanding ,this is what I had/have installed at my house:

· ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 (a.k.a. Honeywell Vista 20P)

· 6150 Fixed-English Keypad (Keypad Address 18)

· 6150RF Fixed-English. I have no idea what this one address is. I changed the status of all transmitters (1-8) to disabled “0” following its user manual that I found on the web.

· Honeywell’s 5808W3 Wireless smoke detector. This one is probably irrelevant because I disabled all transmitters (at least that what I think I did) and I am planning to replace it with something more modern from home automation family.

· I purchased EnvisaLink 4 Internet Module (EnvisaLink 4 ? Control Your DSC & Honeywell Security System From Your Smart Phone EyezOn) successfully installed it and programmed the system following the module installation guide and panel programming guide (

According the EyezOn module (Keypad Address 19) I have one partition and 8 security zones but in the system manual I got from the previous owner there are some more zones. The zone 9 I believe was my smoke detector but there are also some zones 20 and so on written down by installer in the manual (I can figure out what it says though). Nevertheless, I am not looking to figure out what are those zones about and fine with having my 8 wired zones. The zones are 3 wired door sensors, one PIR, 3 wired window sensors in the basement, and Telco Tamper zone 8. My main concern is open chime from my basement windows every morning. If someone could point me into the right direction I would really appreciate it.
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Check the play on the windows in question. If the window contact is just barely in the magnet range it wouldn't take much movement to create a momentary trip. It could be an actual failing contact. They are inexpensive, and easy to replace.

The Check 100 is because you have a wireless receiver with no active transmitters.

To get rid of the zone 8, just take the wires off of the zone 8 and common that are coming from the tamper in the RJ31x and replace them with a 2000 ohm resistor.

You clear the FC by going into programming and entering *41* and *42*. This deletes the phone numbers and disables the dialer so it quits trying to communicate.
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Thank you for your advice MrRonFL. I looked closely at how the wired sensors installed on those two windows in the basement that were giving me the trouble comparing to the one that has no problems. The position of the sensors and the magnets were sort of strange – I have no idea how it actually worked at all. I re-positioned them to be exactly as on the “good” window and since then we have no “morning chimes”. Thanks again MrRonFL, I though that it was some of my system programming mistakes, but you stirred me into the right direction.

I disabled all my wireless receivers and transmitters and have no Check 100 anymore. I cleared FC error by going into programming and clearing the phone numbers for *41* and *42*.

My next little project will be to delete zone 8. I will follow your advice and post to this forum on the results.

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