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Question Linear AK-11

We are installing an AK-11 Keyless gate entry. I have the manual explaining how to set everything up, but I don't understand some of the language used for some of my options. Therefore it is hard to know which option I should choose when setting up my keypad.

To set up an individual code I press
01 # new code # new code # action #

My question regards "action"
For this my options are:
1 = relay #1, timed open ( i believe most will be this option, just a simple open for however many seconds I set up then close)
2 = relay #2, timed open (Here's where my first question comes)
3 = Both Relays, timed open
10 = Relay #1 toggled
20 = Relay #2 toggled
30= Both Relays toggled
12 = Relay #1 toggled; Relay #2, timed open
21 = Relay #1 timed open; Relay #2 toggled

In the specifications section of the manual it says I have 2 relay options
Under Outputs:
Relay #1
Form "C" 5 Amps @ 24 Volts maximum
Relay #2
Form "C" 1 Amp @24 Volts maximum

Solid state outputs (#3 and #4)
Short to common 100 mA @ 24 VDC maximum

So my questions are what do these two relay options mean? Which one should I use? and What does the toggle option do exactly?
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"Action" describes what each relay does when the proper security code is inputted. You will only use relay 1 so ignore any action codes that refer to relay 2.

Timed is what you want. If it has an option for the length of time then you would enter a figure that allows you time from the last code digit entered to get to the gate and swing it open.

Toggle means that on the first entry of the security code the gate lock will change state (locked to unlocked) and stay that way until the security code is again entered. You do NOT want this.

The other relay actions are for various operations such as a personnel "lock", i.e. a short hallway with doors on each end. You can configure the lock to NOT open either door if the other door is open, i.e. only one door can be opened at a time. Another action would be to use the second relay to actuate an alarm or annunciator when the door is opened. A third type of operation could involve a time clock and the second relay to only open the door/gate during certain hours or days with a unique security code while the primary code will work at all times. Lots more options that I cannot think of at this time.
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Thank you. This is for an automatic gate entrance to my property.
I will use Action 1 most of the time, which is relay 1, timed. That will make the gate open for a specified amount of time then close automatically without further input.

I do however want a party code that will open and stay open until I put the code in again. For that I would use Action 10. (see all actions in my original post) Is that correct?

Also, just so I understand my system, why would I ever need to use Relay 2 or both at the same time?
For instance Action 21 (Relay #1 timed, Relay #2 toggled) What would that make my gate do if I input that Action?
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The first relay (the higher current one) is the primary relay for controlling your operator. That's the basic one to use for most purposes. If you want to be able to sometimes hold open the gate, indefinitely, you program an additional code that has action 10 to toggle the gate open and closed.

The main uses for that second relay can be things like turning on a lighting system when the gate opens, or tripping an annunciator to signal that the gate is being opened, etc. This sort of thing tends to be a little customized, so the possibilities are really only limited by budget and technical skills.

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