10 year smoke detectors?????

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10 year smoke detectors?????

I have 4 standard smoke detectors in my home and being the cheapskate that I am, I hate having to buy 9 volts each year for them! I was thinking of buying the expensive 10 year sealed lithium detectors.

I wonder if they indeed last 10 years?
Do you think the technology is changing where they will be significantly cheaper in the next two years or something?

I would value anyones 2 cents on the subject.
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I just swapped out all mine last year for the LI units, got tired of battery changes and the occasional beeping when the batteries ran low.

I agree, hope they last!!
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I have a 10 year one in my garage and it's been 8 years now so far so good
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Andoy33: "I have a 10 year one in my garage and it's been 8 years now so far so good"

Normally, a garage is one of the places where you shouldn't have a smoke detector. Other places are any space with an oil/gas furnace or water heater, in a kitchen, just outside a bathroom door (steam from shower), or in a laundry room--anywhere that smoke or steam is sometimes present in normal circumstances.

You might get away with a smoke detector in a garage if it's used only as a workshop or storage and cars are never driven in or out. If you've never had a false alarm from that smoke detector, I recommend you test it---thoroughly. Unless you drive an electric car.

EDIT: Any yes, lithium batteries typically do last that long.
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I agree, having a smoke detector in the garage is not good idea. And yes the 10 year battery detector are the way to go.
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Y'all must be driving some nasty polluting vehicles to set off a smoke detector in the 10 seconds it takes to get in /out of a garage. You sure you're not thinking of a CO detector?
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My garage is only used as a workshop and the detector is placed above the washer and dryer.
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I just bought a First Alert SA320 dual function detector (carbon monoxide & ionization/smoke) that runs on AAs.

I should note that I bought it hoping it would be less sensitive to false alarms from steam than my old (like 25 years old) detector was. Several of the things I routinely do in the kitchen produce sizable amounts of steam and I was getting tired of having to take the batteries out of the old detector (and forgetting I'd done so) to shut it up.

But no dice, the new detector is even more sensitive to steam, if anything.

But at least it doesn't run on 9vs.

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