What to do with our Interlogix world ...

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What to do with our Interlogix world ...

Hi everyone: I'm reaching out to the many knowledgeable posters on the forum for a bit of sage advice and counsel. Our entire campus is powered by Interlogix products. Each of our three buildings have NX8v2 alarm panels, and our whole campus access control system is a brand new Interlogix TruPortal system, ... 64 doors in all installed this past spring. It's a wonderful system, and we haven't had any problem with any of the components.

I found out like everyone else did in late September that Interlogix is shutting down their security and access control divisions, leaving us in the dark. I was at a loss for words when I was told our brand new access control system will no longer be supported and replacement parts may be hard to come by in the future.

I'm not really sure what to do here. We invested a lot of resources in the access control system, and we certainly don't want to change everything out for another system, which will be a significant cost. I've read posts online from Lenel which says that they can easily convert TruPortal systems over to their OnGuard platform, but it seems like Lenel is for really big customers and corporations ... we're a small church, and probably not in Lenel's ideal customer base.

Our security vendor wants to sell us a bunch of replacement boards and controllers while we can still get them, but I"m not sure I want to spend a bunch of money and hold onto a bunch of parts if there's no support for them.

I've read some other articles that point to other manufacturers trying to establish compatibility with Interlogix products and perhaps make replacement parts in the future that would be compatible with the TruPortal system.

The other struggle with TruPortal was Adobe's announcement that the Flash protocol is going away soon as well. Chrome will stop supporting Flash next year already ... I'm sure MS and other brower manufacturers will follow suit. I'm not sure if they'll still allow legacy apps built with Flash to run or not. TruPortal is entirely flash-based, and now that they're gone, I don't want to be in a place where we'll have no way of accessing the controller to make changes.

Should I just sit tight and hope that there will be some company who will make compatible parts, or do I need to start looking at something else, and if so, what is that "something else" that would be a good fit for a small organization?

I appreciate any thoughts and comments on this. I'm sure that many of you who run your own security businesses are grappling with this same issue. I would love to hear some opinions and what people are doing right now to prepare for Interlogix's exit from the security and access control world.

Thanks to you all.
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Well, for the access control; at the smaller end of the scale: I've installed a few CDVI Atrium systems: https://www.cdvi.ca/products/atrium/

Not sure what to recommend for the intrusion alarm issue. I would say that buying a few spare keypads, while you can, would be the best advice; since those are the components most likely to actually fail. In general, I wouldn't worry with the actual alarm control boards; because they rarely fail, even in a lightning prone area, like FL.

By the time it becomes an issue; you will have had time to evaluate a better long term replacement.

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