Evaporative cooler questions

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Evaporative cooler questions

Hello fellow DIY'ers Im new here and this is my first post so go easy on me!

I brought a Evaporative Cooler from homebase today for my pregnant wife who is suffering bad hot flushes at night and the fan we had was starting to overheat and spark and things so decided to skadoosh it out for recyling. The reason i am typing this message really is because i have read in a few places that the purpose of these Evaporative Cooler is to add moisture into the air to simulate a cooling sensation for you to cool down which can bring the temprature down by about 20c but my problem i have is that the room this is currently is already has mould in it and the council are coming out in a few weeks to clear it all for us but im wondering will the contribute to the mould any more?

I have followed the instrustions by making sure a window is open, ensure the vents at the back of the machine is not blocked, and that there is suffecient airflow going by it from the landing at the top of the stairs.

Can someone help me or am i just being over cautious with the matter and that this wont contribute to anymore mould or damp being produced, Or if it is should i take it back and change for an actual air conditioner?

Thank you in advance for you help and all comments are welcome!
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I may be wrong, however I don't think an evaporative cooler is appropriate for your climate. As you mentioned, they work by adding moisture to the air. They work reasonably well in dry areas (think Phoenix, Arizona) where the relative humidity (RH) is typically in the 10-20% range. However, in most parts of the United States, and I suspect Great Britain also, where the RH is in the 60%+ range, you actually want to dehumidfy the air (remove moisture, not add it). It certainly won't help with your mold problem. I suspect that you'll have much better results if you return the evaporative cooler and get an actual air conditioner. The A/C unit will remove moisture from the air as well as cooling the room. However, if you get too large a capacity A/C unit, it won't remove as much moisture since it won't run very long to cool the room. You want the smallest capacity unit that will keep the room cool. The longer it runs, the more moisture it will remove.
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Welcome to the forums.

I totally agree with Bob. If you have a mold issue..... the evap cooler will make it worse.

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