aluminum vented soffit access

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Question aluminum vented soffit access

I am trying to gain access into my soffit without ruining anything or making a big mess. I have tried looking for a loose panel that can be pushed up for access but there is nothing. There are 2 little screw at the one end that I am not sure what they do, I have not tried yet to remove them and see if that does something (I'm thinking that my next step. I have googled this question and all I get is how to install soffit videos and from them I have tried to see how they are installed to reverse engineering and gain access but from what I see the only way is to make a big mess and install new soffit... There must be a better way. I do have more pic if it helps, just let me know if a different angle is needed. I am trying gain access to where the arrow is pointing, and don't pay attention to the black cable that's the last home owns super install
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Generally you need to start at one end and work backwards from their removing one soffit panel at a time. I'd start by removing those two screws. That may allow you to pull things back and see the screws or nails that are holding the soffit panels in place. There is also a chance there are no fasteners in the soffit pieces so once you have the end undone the rest may come out quite easily. You'll just have to get up there and see what you find.
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Thanks for the reply, I will find out what these 2 little screw do and go from there. I am just hoping that I don't have to start bending the H*LL out of the aluminum. The only thing is there is the transition where it goes for North & South Soffit to East & West Soffit... ideally I would like access to the East/West soffit and at the extreme end of the west side where it ends there are no little screws so I'm not sure how they ended that end. There must be fasteners some where that are exposed, how else does it stay there and not move....
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As mentioned, start by removing those 2 screws. It is tricky to remove the individual pieces when the fascia is on. And by tricky, I mean difficult to do without bending the fascia cover. You see, the soffit is put up first, then the fascia cover is put up last. So trying to remove a piece of soffit without removing the fascia cover first is what makes it difficult. Fascia cover may not come off easily if it was nailed behind the gutter. So you are left with trying to gently bend the bottom edge of the fascia cover back so that you can get to the screws or staples that hold the soffit.

Best advice I could give is to buy a pack of cedar shims, and as you pull the bottom edge of the fascia cover out toward you... drive a cedar shim up behind it as far as you can. This will help hold the fascia cover away from the fascia so that you can work on the soffit.

The lower the gutter is, the harder it becomes to pull it toward you because it just doesn't want to bend like that, and you don't want to kink it. So be careful.

Rather than bending the fascia out, it is often easier to just plan on replacing the fascia cover. What I have done many times, is to simply score the front of the fascia with a utility knife... as close to the corner as you can go. Score it hard and deep with a new blade. Its usually aluminum so it scores pretty easily. The bend the bottom lip back and forth until it breaks off. Now you have access to the front edge of the soffit without any bending or prying or headaches at all. When you are done removing/replacing the soffit, just shove a new piece of fascia cover in place, right on top of the old one, and nail it on.

It would help to know exactly how much of the soffit you need to remove... you certainly dont plan on taking it all of do you? And whats the purpose of taking it off in the first place? Hope the advice helps.
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Remove the gutter, use a nail set to knock in the trim nails, remove the fashia, now the roofing nails holding soffit up can be remove.
There's no reason the old material can not be reused.
What is it your really trying to do?

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