How To Fix This Siding Problem

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How To Fix This Siding Problem

Greetings All,

There is some vinyl siding edging on the house that seems to be peeling and exposing the metal underneath it up on two high peaks. There's been a similar area peeling area on the bottom edging of the garage for a while as well. I am too nervous on a ladder that high up, so I can't deal with it and will have to get someone to fix the areas and while they are here the holes in my siding I've just covered with gorilla tape as well. My questions are these:

1.What is the process of fixing these areas of siding damage on the edging and the holes in the siding, preferably a cheaply as possible like matching tape or something?

2.What person to hire for this besides a vinyl siding company that would not want to be bothered with this small job?
Attached are images of the damaged edging on the one peak and the garage edge.

Damaged area is at the very top of peak right below the roof line.

A better image of the type of damage on garage edging.
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The material showing paint lifting in the 2 photos is sheet trim that has been formed with a bending brake. The trim material could be aluminum or steel that is painted on one side. If aluminum, just remove any loose paint, prime and finish spray area using rattle cans. If steel, remove any rust and loose paint, cover area with a sealer, prime and finish spray area using rattle cans. Don't see any evidence of holes in the vinyl siding in the photos so difficult to offer any suggestions. If the vinyl finish is smooth, I would try to patch with Bondo and paint to match.
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PVC coated aluminum trim coil that peels like that needs to be replaced. A stop gap measure might be to scrape off anything that is loose and then cover the bare metal with some white Flex Seal spray.

There ought to be a class action suit against Rollex for this... I see it quite often.
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Thanks for the replies!

Had to fix a leaking air conditioner coil this summer, so replacing would not be my first choice. I'll have to find a person who knows this type of work and will do the cheaper fix.

@XSleeper Certainteed shingle company has lost several class action suits and they keep putting out bad product lines. My previous house had one of their products that failed well before its guaranteed time, but lasted just long enough to be considered a normal roof life, so we had to cover the whole replacement roof cost. This home I am in now had a defective product of theirs that was curling and cracking & it was still on warranty, but they were not going to honor it until both realtors stepped in to deal with them and got a new roof on the house with a different product line of theirs they claimed to be better quality. Not really confident about that though.

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