Name This Chicken

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Name This Chicken

Anyone know what type of chicken this is? Is it a hen or rooster?

It appeared at my office last week. It's been staying close to the parking area and seems to be calling it home. It's small with it's back only about 9" high when it's head it down and feeding so I assume it's a juvenile. You can approach and it will slowly walk away when you get within 10 feet so I think it's somewhat used to humans.

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Name this chicken: Suzie
(sorry, I just had to do that since it was my 1st thought when I read your title)

I do not recognize the breed of chicken but it is indeed a Chicken... not a rooster.

I can not tell if its a young bird or not. She does look healthy.

Its hard to get close to a chicken. Even tame or yard chickens are cautious & wont let other wildlife or humans too close as a rule..... even if they are used to you & are accustomed to seeing you every day. Even if you are the one who regularly feeds them. They are just a cautious animal/bird/wildlife.

It wont be surprising if she stays around if she has plenty of stuff to feed on. Its common for chickens to have lice, so be careful with that. If there is a place for them to "dust", it tends to keep the lice down naturally. "Dusting" is a bare place they can get in the dirt, lay down & kind of wallow or use their wings to stir up the dust.

Don't be surprised to find eggs if she is a mature laying hen. She doesn't need a rooster to lay eggs. A rooster is only needed to fertilize the eggs to hatch little ones. A laying hen will usually lay an egg a day but not EVERY day. usually between 25 to 28 eggs per 30 day month. However, without proper feed/diet, she may not lay but 10 or 15 eggs a month.
Again, I dont know what breed of hen this is so she may not be a laying hen.

Hope this helps at least somewhat.

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