flat tractor tire

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flat tractor tire

I noticed about a week and half ago that one of the rear tires on my tractor was flat. What is odd is the tire/tube should have 30 gallons of fluid in it. The dirt in the barn was dry and when I aired up the tire there was no gurgling ... so I assume all the fluid is gone. The most puzzling part is that tire is holding air - hasn't went soft much less flat. How can a tire with 30 gallons of fluid and 5 psi go flat but the same tire/tube with 7 lbs of air doesn't?
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Possibly...... the water was on the down side while the leak was on the upside of the tire.
OR, the leak wasn't big enough to pick up the water & blow it out.
It really doesn't surprise me that it didn't blow/leak/loose any water.

The cause of the mysterious leak... that is somehow mysteriously disappeared?
Valve stem...... either had debris of some sort in it from the last time you used it. Possibly a small piece of stick or stalk for example that wedged just right to push open the valve stem to let the air leak out. Once you put the air chick on it & aired it back up, it released the debris & the valve stem is now holding air.
Maybe just a bad valve stem.
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"should have 30 gallons of fluid in it "
If the stem was at the bottom when you added air and you did not hear gurgling then there is likely no fluid in it,
Do you know that for sure that they are fluid filled?

Put the stem at the bottom on the other tire and release some air to see what you get.
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I know for a fact they had at least 30 gallons of fluid in each rear tire. It's a calcium chloride/methanol mix. I've had the tractor since 1992.

I'm fairly convinced there is little fluid if any left in that tire. Any time I've had to add air before you could hear the fluid gurgle and would loose a little if the valve stem was at the bottom half of the wheel. I understand loosing fluid from a leak - it's happened before. What I don't understand is why that tube holds air if there was a leak that allowed the fluid to leak out ..... and why wasn't the ground in the barn near that tire wet or discolored? The tractor was unused for about a week when I noticed the flat.

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