DIY Fence Replacement

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DIY Fence Replacement

Hey Folks - looking for some help. I need to replace the broken panels in the fence in the attached pictures (please ignore the shots of the side yard, that is being addressed as part of another project).

Wondering what your thoughts were on doing this myself. There are about 60 panels in total in the fence but only about 15 need to be replaced.

Wondering what the average cost per panel for this fence type is and what the overall level of effort is. I've already looked into a stain sprayer to paint the "good" panels and make sure the new ones look uniform.


Appreciate the input.
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Fence Panels

If the metal posts are still plumb and solid, the panels would be easy to replace. Count the number of vertical boards and horizontal stringers in a panel. Check prices at your local supplier. Remember to include screws or nails and post brackets. Good luck with your project.

Looks like a good bit of brush clearing will be needed to prepare for the fencing project.
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Check retailers in your area for the cost of fence panels. Installing them yourself probably will be pretty easy. They will just need to be attached to whatever posts you have. I like to lay a board on the ground when installing panels to hold the fence slightly off the ground to help prevent rotting.

Do you even need the fence? It looks pretty private on that side from the photo. Maybe you let the brambles grow in to be a natural thicket fence.
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Cost of replacement ...

I guess that would depend a lot on the type of replacement you would plan on... pre fab panels or building your fence picket by picket?

Picket by picket might be cheaper, but it would take so much longer.

Pre-fab panels might cost more, but simply enough you would be in and out so much faster... doing the same exact repair.

Like mentioned before, it does not seem that you need all broken sections replaced... But I do see where the bottoms are rotted away. That is common in areas where the brush and weed are growing heavily such in your yard.
There being steel posts rather wood is the best application possible for this fence. Mainly because this fence is very heavy when new... Its even pretty darn heavy when its old.... lol

Did the sections attach to the posts with steel to wood brackets? Or just tension bands? or just screwed one section to the other? I can not see that detail in your photo.

I really can not answer your question on how much it would cost for your repair because I am not a customer, I am an installer... I do not buy retail and I am unsure what the manufacturers sell their supplies for ..... Nor would it be good for me to give out pricing on the wholesale level rather the retail level.

As for the type of materials it looks like you have,,, based on the picture it looks like you have a 6 inch wide picket, rather the 4 inch wide.

4 Inch wide picket board on board, or otherwise called shaddowbox fencing is available in most larger home stores.
The quality of the fence there is not the same as elsewhere... but that statement is based on their stock materials.
Those stores can order the very same materials that I would purchase from my own wholesalers. But in the home stores they can not sell at a wholesale price.

Now, with all that said measure the picket size. If it is 4 inch you have a lot more flexibility in pricing.

If it is 6 inch, your flexibility has slimmed up somewhat.

Go out , shop around and check for availability , price.. and of course delivery ... This stuff is way too heavy to pop up on top of a car... and if you have a pick up truck "1500 series" and need 15 sections keep in mind to take on that many sections you should take at least 3-4 trips. Sometimes paying $50.00 for delivery makes all the sense in the world.

Bare rough... 15 sections.. you would likely be paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500.00 give or take $300.00

This is definitely a two man job at the very least.

And go out and invest a few dollars into a really sharp hedge cutter...

My best advice would be to remove all the shrubs that are within 2-3 feet from the fence line... on the outside where you are... and at least a foot on the inside of the yard... Because of the grade changes you have make sure you have a real nice spade shovel. You are going to need it.

Good luck with this project... getting the old out and the new into the yard is more than half the work.

The rest is patience.

Greg's Fence NJ~

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