looking for inexpensive fence solution for dog

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looking for inexpensive fence solution for dog

have a tight budget and will do the work myself...... Sofar what I found seems to be cheapest solution is to install 4x4 posts at 8 foot intervals and screw plastic white lattice to it.... my question is- I want to be able to remove sections easily since I have a small trailer i may need to park in that area from time to time....... Do they make any kind of product you install in the ground that will hold or "house" the 4x4 post? That way- I could unscrew the lattice and then remove a section if needed. Any suggestions are welcome.......
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Well, if the posts will be 8' apart, should be no need to remove them unless the trailer is wider than that. An 8' wide trailer would be pretty wide.
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Pretty sure that the least expensive fence for a dog is not a fence at all... train him with "invisible fence".
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Are you sure the lattice will be stout enough to contain the dog? does he like to chew/dig?
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I agree with xsleeper. An invisible electric fence is the way to go. My daughter has this one and I can vouch for it's effectiveness. I'm sure that there are other brands available.
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I'm not in agreement with the electric fence. However, it does seem to be effective and many people use it. The caveat is that if the dog should come in contact with a person even with the electric fence and on your property, you will be liable for any injuries. And I do know of some dogs that will penetrate the fence regardless of the pain inflicted. Therefore if you want the dog to have free run of the yard without any liability, then a physical wood, vinyl or metal fence is needed. Doubles gates are made to span an eight foot span to allow things like a trailer. That is in fact what I have. I can open the full 8 feet or just 4 feet. I would also make a sign that says beware of dog, no matter how calm or friendly he is. It's not cheap, but compared to a lawsuit or the dog running away, it's cheap insurance for a one time payment that will last an easy 10 years or more.

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