Metal posts for swing gate

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Metal posts for swing gate

Having the driveway redone and want to add posts for a swing gate before they pour. Contractor quoted using 2 6x6 steel posts on the sides for a 11ft split gate. Seems like over kill, but what do I know. I want to split the 11ft opening at 7ft and 4ft so we're not opening a large section just to empty the garbage. I'm thinking a 3x3 or even 2x2 steel post for the 4ft gate and a 4x4 for the remaining 7ft. The 7ft section will be opened very minimally. Gates will be all wood.
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I'm with your contractor. I'd feel much better with 6x6 steel tubing in the ground since that's the most difficult part of your gate project to re-do in the future. But, the size of tubing needed will also depend on the wall thickness of the tubing. And don't forget a proper size & depth footer.

I certainly wouldn't want different size on each side. I'd use the same on both sides so it looks more symmetrical.
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I am with Pilot Dane
Make them too small and in the future if they bend/move you are screwed.
Pay a little bit more now but possible save a lot in the future.
In this case bigger is better. And that also goes for the tubing wall thickness and footer.

A 7 foot gate has a lot of weight to it as it is acting like a lever.
It does not matter if it gets opened once an hour or once a month either way if the tubing is too small it will bend.

If I was the contractor and and was forced to install something undersized from my recommendation then any problems in the future would be the customers responsibility not mine.
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Seems everyone says the 6x6 steel post is the way to go. Now I have to rethink this gate as apposed to just a fence as I don't know how to build a gate off metal posts. I assume welding is involved for hinges. I was quoted $750 for the 2 6x6 posts installed, not including the gate, gate was another $1800 which is way over budget. Maybe I can get the quote to include some kind of hinge welded so I can build the wood part.
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Have the posts drilled for hinges like these:
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Being a very late comer into this thread, but I am with the other guys on the size of the posts... but the specific sizes really do not matter as long as the wall thickness is there to prevent the post from bending... And being you are seemingly using square posts it is highly unlikely that the steel square posts are going to bend at all anyway...... Yes, going with the same sized posts on both sides regardless of the size of the gates is best... Going with the steel frame is also best... Spending that 1800... I am unsure about that amount, but the contractor may have a plan to use materials that are expensive.... Without knowing it is possible that it could cost that much.. especially if welding on site is their route of installation... Drop bars, hinges, latches and the materials of the fence all factor in with the pricing...With all the help people give here I would love to see the end results of what folks do after they receive their advice... A picture gallery of end results would be an awesome idea..

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