Elements on electric fireplace are burnt out


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Elements on electric fireplace are burnt out

The elements are kaput on my electric fireplace. It's an old model, possibly from the 1970s. No idea who the manufacturer is. Hopefully you can see the problem in these photos. The elements are sort of burned out which you can see in the fused sections of wire (one section near the right side of both). When I turn the fireplace on, they either don't ignite, or if they do, they flare, and smoke rises from the burnt out section of wire. Since this is an electric fireplace there is not supposed to be any smoke.

I'd like to know what kind of wire this is, so I can replace it. And if I have to replace the cylinders the wire is wrapped around, I need to know what that's called too, and what material it is, so I can go look for a replacement. The cylinders are originally white.

Replacing these elements looks like a much simpler and far less time-consuming/destructive project than buying a new fireplace and having to fit it perfectly in the wall, maybe the wiring would have to be upgraded, which would require more destruction, more rebuilding, etc.
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The heating elements (coiled wire) have been deformed. When coils touch, it reduces resistance and increases the current. This further deforms the coils and may or may not progress to where the heating element burns out (opens) or trips the breaker on overcurrent. It appears someone has made a repair on the right side of the top element. I am sure heating technology has changed since this type was used. Hopefully the manufacturer's name is on the unit somewhere and can be contacted for possible replacement.
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There's no company name, or brand name, on it. At least not on the front or the back, or the sides. I pulled it part way out of the wall to look at the wiring and didn't see any corporate information. This fireplace is way too old for the manufacturer, if it still exists, to help me. It might be older than 1970s.
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The cylinders will be ceramic or porcelain. The wire is nichrome. You will need to use the resistance charts for the wire to figure out what gauge wire and what length is needed. A little above a DIY project for most people.

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