Antique piano, repeated dog attacks


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Antique piano, repeated dog attacks

A player piano I fixed myself, put in all new tubes it was a great deal of work- though I never actually refinshed it. Unfortunately due to its size and weight, the only place in the house it can be is in the center of the dining room, which is where the dog sleeps.
Its an upright studio grand, made in 1919, with two supports 'beams' coming forward and wheels underneath.
As you can see, her favorite snacking spot is shown. I've put wood putty over previous chomps, but the repair never really completed as I'm just not really sure what to do, that she won't just destroy again. And as expected, she's hit the corner again since.

what I'm wondering is what can be done to dog proof, but not destroy the look of the piano. Some kind of metal knee caps, maybe? I thought of maybe brass or metal plates and bend them around, paint them?
Can anyone think of any ideas. Thanks.
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Just my two cents......
I think your dealing with the wrong end of the problem. Its the dog you need to address, not the piano. Having owed a couple of in-door dogs, I suspect this is a puppy that you have. He is gonna chew stuff up. Its just his nature. I'd suggest, go to the store & buy a few different types of dog chews & see what he likes to chew on besides a piano leg. Make sure that you keep a few of whatever he likes on hand & make sure he has two or three available at all times.
We by cloth/nylon chew toys, ham bone, solid hard plastic chews, etc. The one thing we found that both our dogs like are goat horns. To be honest, as they chew them, they do smell sometimes, but they dont chew up my piano leg.
You can get deer horns but they are pretty expensive.... but virtually indestructible. They last forever.
I do not recommend raw hide.
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Oh the house is literally covered with dog toys. Also give her treats, pig ears, ropes, even an old sheet.
She just on rare occasion, prefers to supplement her toy diet with a wall or a piano leg.
Believe me I'd love to fix the dog end, but its not happening.
I've looked into sprays too, I have bitter cherry... but how often do you spray, and won't it eventually rot the wood?
I'm in a situation now where I have to figure out how to repair, but need to also come up with a solution to make it less appetizing. Dog proof, as a matter of fact.
Metal is good.
Will put the old noggin to it and think of something! Thanks.
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Wrapping that area with thin metal would likely stop the damage there .... but would the dog then look for another part of the piano to chew on ??
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