Do I dare try to replace spring on old garage door?


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Do I dare try to replace spring on old garage door?


I understand that the springs are under a great deal of tension and can be very dangerous to work on. I'm a DIY'er with intermediate skills. I can be careful, but I don't want to be foolish and take on a task that's better left to a pro.

Here's a picture of the springs on my garage door.
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It's a very heavy, old, wooden door.
It would be nice to be able to open that door again. The way it is, I can't even open it manually.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance.
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That's a tough question to answer. I don't consider it a DIY job although many have done it themselves.

I would recommend looking at "garage door torsion spring replacement" on You Tube and see if it's something you'd want to attempt.
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I agree with Pete. I have done it, and felt like a nervous drunk needing a drink afterwards Not what I would consider a DIY project. You can get hurt big time. The pros know how to do it and do it safely.
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When I lived in Phoenix I could not find a company that would sell me a spring. Said to much liberality. The price installed was almost the same as buying one.
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Are you sure it isn't just a case of a cable riding off a pulley and getting jammed up ?

One good thing about these doors is that they have matching set-ups on opposite sides, so you can diagnose the problem by comparing one side to the other.

Not being able to open the door at all leads me to believe the springs are pulling in an un-equal manner; like trying to twist the door into a trapezoid (or parallelogram) as it rises, which retards its movement. You'll probably find that there is no "broken" spring, just one that's not taut.

Many of my roller wheels have gotten jammed up also, and I've taken to putting little springs on their shafts to keep them in the runner groove.
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It's a straight forward job but one slip can cause permanent consequences. This is one of the few jobs we hire out on our units.
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Thanks @PJmax, @Chandler, @pugsl, and @Vermont.

It seems that the consensus is that it is better left to a pro.

To @pugsl's point about availability, I'm fairly certain I'd be able to find the spring locally and, if not, it could be ordered on line. I received a quote from a pro company, they up-charge on the spring and add the service call.

To @Vermont's point about the spring may not be broken, I apologize for the lack of clarity in the picture. If you look closely at the spring on the left--near the center support/chain track, you'll see that the spring is broken and separated.


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I suspect you have 2 springs (right and left). If one side broke from age/use/fatigue, consider that the other side has had all of the same. I would ask them to replace both sides. No sense in paying for the same service call twice.

- Peter
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Thanks @stickshift and @pjaffe.

We had the spring on the right side professionally replaced maybe ten years ago now. At that time, we were cautioned that, when one goes, the other is not too far behind. The left side spring held its own though--until now:-)
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Said to much liberality.
That's been a problem in Phoenix and Tucson for a long time. The rest of us feel one way but they have bigger populations.

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