Recommendations -- Best Openers?


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Recommendations -- Best Openers?

Wondering if there is a consensus about best garage door openers. Brand and style (chain/belt/screw or whatever). I have a double door, metal. Standard 7'.

The old Chamberlain chain drive needs to be put out of its misery.

Ease of installation would be a good feature, if it doesn't sacrifice quality. Also quieter is better for me.

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I've seen too many of the screw drives fail to be using one. Always had good luck with Chamberlain and Lift Master (same company?).
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I have 10 year old Chamberlin belt drives and have been reliable!
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Chamberlin (sears), Liftmaster, Genie, all have seamed to be good to me. Belt drives are fairly quiet but IMO, it is more the motor that makes the noise.

Ones to stay away from: Wayne Dalton, Xtream Garage.
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Thanks for the reminder, Tolyn - Wayne Dalton was the brand of screw drives I've seen fail.
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Liftmaster is the best... it's made by Chamberlain who also makes Craftsman, Raynor and a few others... If you want quiet, get a belt drive. Most all the new ones include Wifi so you can use with your phone. They also have battery backup models if your power goes out a lot.
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Just make sure you don't get the older design (if they still make them) of belt drives. Really nothing more than a chain drive (exposed belt and all) with a belt and plastic cogs instead of a chain and steel sprockets.

I still like Genie screwdrives with easy start and stop options, but I'm biased. Chamberlain screwdrive was what I had at my last house and what I have now and they work just fine. Original to the homes from 1990. Guess you can't complain about that. Cap replacement for one and trolley for the other. If I had to replace, I'd get a Genie.
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You know I hate to admit when the sailor is right, but I like our Genie screwdrive that we've had for about 10 years. Only failure we've ever had was the teeth wearing out on the carriage.
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I think of the Chamberlain/Liftmaster/Craftsman line as pretty much the industry standard as far as durability, reliability, serviceability, etc. With the configuration of our home and garage, and the fact that there are gust two of us, I was not concerned about noise, but when it was time to replace our old one I went with belt drive because that is what my local door company recommended. It is an actual belt, not the older link type that was mentioned, and I still had some initial reservations because they don't look all that durable at first glance, to me anyway, but that was probably 10-15 years ago and I have been very satisfied with it. Since it sounds like you will be installing it yourself, the first thing I recommend is that you check the springs before doing anything else, to ensure that they do not need adjusting or replacing. Detached from the opener, you should be able to operate the door with minimal effort, and it should remain in place, fully open, fully closed, and in between. Door springs can be tricky to adjust, not to mention potentially dangerous, so, if the springs need attention as well, it may be worth hiring a door company to address this first, and may find that it is not much more to have them install the opener while they are there, This is not to detract from this being a do-it-yourself site, but some things are best left for the experts.
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Been running a pair of Genie / Overhead Door screw drives for 20 years. One on a single and one on a double door. Worst problem to date was a plastic coupling between the screw and motor. Easy and cheap replacement.
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Great help, as usual. Thanks.
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