Does adding struts to 16' garage door raise risk of spring failure?


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Does adding struts to 16' garage door raise risk of spring failure?

My son owns a rental property with a 16' garage door. The panels in the door got badly bent and need replacing. One garage door contractor we obtained an estimate from recommended adding 4 struts to the door for increased strength. Another contractor with whom my son spoke mentioned that the tension spring may not hold up well with increased weight of the struts.

I'm also wondering whether 4 struts are necessary to accomplish the objective of strengthening the door. What about 2 or 3 struts?

The door has an electric door opener on it.

Thought I'd post this issue here. Seeking comments on this issue.
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There's no doubt that the struts will add weight to the door. At the very least the tension may need to be increased to balance the door. The door must open easily by hand or it will damage the opener.

You may have to look into larger/stronger door springs. The garage door contractors should be able to tell what size springs you have and if larger ones are needed.

Some pictures of what you have there would be helpful too. How-to-insert-pictures
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Struts are very light in comparison to the overall weight of the door. They are just bent pieces of sheet metal shaped sort of like the V in the WVU logo.The 9 y/o neighbor kid was able to handle one easily when he helped me. Don't let them put the angle iron type on. Those are pretty heavy and cost more.

You said tension spring...did you mean torsion? Odd to have a tension system on a door that big. Either way...a simple tightening of the springs of whichever type would easily re-balance the door. If this is a whole new door install, do not use contractor 2. He apparently knows not what he's saying. You can easily size the springs for the weight of the door when ordering from the distributor. He may be trying to unload what he has in stock or doesn't want the supposed hassle of installing the struts.

If you son plans to keep it for a while, I would highly recommend he get a sandwich style door. (two steel skins with insulation between) It probably wouldn't even need struts as the panels are quite rigid. They are quieter and provide some insulation from the weather which I know can be pretty bad at times. (I'm originally from north of Dayton) Either 1 3/8" or 2" (the 2" would be pretty pricy, 1 3/8 not so much). Even if he has to pay a few $ extra, they are really worth it.

This is assuming the garage opening is in decent shape and that it's used for more than just parking a car. If its just a car parking spot, get the struts on a plain door.
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