Garage cleanup / organization

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Garage cleanup / organization

Cleaning up and organizing my garage. I added an outlet and covered the unfinished wall with white pegboard. Added some LED tube lights (Home Depot has some $12 4' ones that are working great). Bought an 8-pack of storage tubs to organize the misc boxes of junk on big shelf.

*** I have a very heavy steel frame 6' workbench with formica counter top I inherited from a previous house; my son asked if I was gonna paint the top. Seems like a good idea while I am into this whole project. Looking for recommendations:
-regular paint (this will probably chip/flake easy)
-roll on bedliner (will probably have to be black though)
-cover with piece of sheet metal (probably too expensive)
-replace with wood

*** The remaining walls are drywall and roughly finished. I am wondering if I can paint it as is or if it needs to be touched up and sanded, I can see the tape in some places. This is probably gonna need someone to look at, hard to describe.

We need a "show me your garage" picture thread for ideas :-)
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My equipment garage went many years with just bare sheetrock that only had a quick, messy mud job. I finally broke down and neatened up the tape & mud that got it to about 80% as nice as you'd have inside your home. Then I painted it all with a pure white (not tinted) semi-gloss. It made a huge difference in the light and feel of the space. And, with shelves and tools covering much of the walls you really don't notice the minor imperfections.
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Why not just glue a new top over the old formica? A big enough sheet and some contact cement of the right type is all you need.

Of course, that depends on the work you plan on doing. You might find having a top fabricated by a sheet metal shop is cheaper than you think.
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I think your formica counter top will not hold up well as a work bench. I would ditch the formica and replace with wood. I've used MDF in the past and it holds up well.

One of the things that really has improved the appearance and usability of the garages I've had is to paint the floor with that epoxy floor coating specifically designed for garages. Looks great and makes clean up easier.

If you have some of that epoxy left over, used it on your countertop - it's more durable than regular paint.
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Thank you for the feedback!

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