Closing up garage door

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Closing up garage door

Hi everyone! I need all the advice I could get.

I am planning on converting my detached two car garage into a soundproof music room/karaoke/entertainment room and I have tons of questions and planning. I plan on make a room within a room. But to first do that, I need to remove the garage door and close up the hole. That's the first phase of the entire project. I am not a builder and it's going to be a DIY project so please excuse my ignorance and sorry about the dumb questions. I figured it will be a great learning experience for me.

In my head, my plan is to frame up the hole with studs then put sheathing, then put some sort of siding. I'm thinking of putting pressurized 2x4 for the bottom plate on top of the concrete floor. Once I put the frame/studs and sheathings up, do I need to put some sort of flashing at the bottom where the wall meets the ground? The garage is level to the ground on a concrete slab foundation... so how do I go about doing that? Should I put space between the sheathing and the ground? I heard that the sheathing should not touch the ground. How do I then seal the gap between the concrete and the sheathing? I wanna make sure the water doesn't get in when it rains hard and water pools close to the wall.

Since this is my first time doing this, do you have some tips and common mistakes?

Also, as I am looking at the rest of my garage, which does not have any drywall in the inside, it seems like the wall is made up of stucco but I don't see any sheathing behind it, just some sort of paper backing and I see some cement type stuff chipping from the inside which is weird. Is it common that some structures have no sheathing?

I live in Southern California if that makes any difference in terms of climate.

Thank you so much!!!
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#1, Please post a picture standing back enough so we can see the whole front of the garage, no close ups needed.
Also please post one of the inside wall so we can see what your seeing.
Without seeing it I'll make some generic suggestions.
Your right, that siding needs to be at least 6" of any grade or solid surface.
Most often I build a stem wall with concrete blocks, and build the new wall on top of that.
If there's 2 X 4 studs in the walls I'd be building them out with 2X's so I could fit more insulation in the walls and building my new wall with 2 X 6's.
This is what I'd use for insulation.
Depending on how much time and money you want to spend and how really sound proof you want this room to be here's some suggestions on the right way to do it.
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Thanks for the reply. Here are some pics. As you can see, the wall will be flush with the exterior pavement so I'm unsure what to do with that.

I'm also not sure if I should match the exterior. Hopefully these pics can help you show me the best way.

Thanks again!

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Photobucket no longer allows third party linking. Your pictures were not available to the members. I have a program that downloads and converts pictures from there to here. Resized pictures to display correctly.

In the future you can load pictures directly to the board...... How-to-insert-pictures
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Thanks PJmax! I didn't know about that!

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