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Lean to question.

Hello first post on this forum. So Im new to carpentry but know the basics. But I have a question about my shed. So I have a 16x10x9 shed. The outside is all tin I would like to put a lean to on the side I have a fence 7 ft away from my shed but I was wondering if I couldent just place a nailer in the middle of my tin roof? And just go from there to the fence post? If its not possible anyone have any ideas they could shoot my way Id really like to put a lean to there.
Thank you for your time
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Check your local building code. There may be a minimum buffer between the property line and any dwelling. Even if there is no restriction. I would not do it. If I was your neighbor, I would not be happy with your roof runoff dropping onto my property. I am sure there is some environmental clause allowing a suit to be filed against you.
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Beelzebub comments not withstanding, can you send us some pictures of your shed?
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Welcome to the forums! .... https://www.doityourself.com/forum/electrical-ac-dc/534445-how-insert-pictures.html
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Assuming you intend to nail through the tin roof. Could start a leak in that tin roof. Also, will the shed roof be strong enough to support the shed roof? Are you aware of asymmetrical loading? Pitch? Do you have structure below the attachment location? What will you be nailing into?

What are the code requirements for outbuildings? If I were an unhappy neighbor and your shed was not permitted I might rat you out.
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Putting a nailer on the existing roofing would mean the upper roof will be leaking in on the lower roof. It would be a shoddy way to do it. Now if you remove the roof tin first, then put your nailer on, then put your lower lean to rafters on, then roof the lower portion and bend those roof panels up to flash the upper roof... that would be correct.

But as mentioned, if the fence is on the property line, you surely cannot build on it unless you live somplace where there are no setback ordinances.
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