Replacing garage door panels

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Replacing garage door panels

I want to replace all 4 panels on garage door due to age and damage from weather, automobiles, etc. The track and opener is fine and I can keep. Can I just replace the panels? (along with the rollers that come with them etc.) but keep the track in place. Or should I also replace the track.? If not to much extra work since taking panels off.

Can I keep my tension spring also? Or do I need to take that down.

To remove the panels would I

1. Open up the door and also unplug electric door opener.
2. use the Release cord to release the door from the operator track.
3. Unhook the 2 side cables at bottom of each side of door.
4. Lower door manually
5. Start disassembly of panels.

Do I need to do anything with tension spring if I do it this way?
Will the new rollers on new panels 'compress somewhat so I can fit them into current track without dissembling the track.?

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Every door is different, unless you plan on replacing with the exact same make and model of door sections. Different thickness and different weight. You should replace it all. If you want to DIY you can have a door company come and remove spring tension for you... Best to be safe
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If I was to go thru the trouble/expensive of replacing the door I'd want new tracks also!
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If you want to DIY you can have a door company come and remove spring tension for you... Best to be safe

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you are referring to torsion springs. Tension spring can also be dangerous but much easier and safer to remove/replace thank torsion spring. OP has stated he has tension springs.

To the OP, I agree with marksr. I will also advise to get torsion spring as opposed to tension springs.
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I don't know, and personally wouldn't spend the time to find out, but imagine that buying new panels would be at or near the price of a complete package, shipping and handling costs would very possibly be more because of the more unique packaging, and the lead time would likely be longer because they're less likely to be "in stock" items. Not to mention the fact that the specifications of any manufactured item is subject to change, in this case maybe the rails are rolled a bit different to make them stronger, less costly to manufacture, or whatever, so even if you were to buy "identical" replacements, who's to say that "same" is same. And you might not notice any difference until you were well into the project. Have you ever run into say replacing a part on a vehicle with an "identical" replacement, only to find that yes, it performs just like the original one, except that the little tang on the side is slightly different so you have to replace the mating part as well? I have, countless times. For these reasons, I would buy a complete replacement door. Now, if you do this, determine that the rails are exactly the same once you have the new ones in hand, you can decide at that time to leave the old ones in place and set the new ones in the corner. But I still think it would be worth going this way for the reasons mentioned.

Norm, in regard to the springs, I read it the way you did the first time too, but the style you are referring to are actually extension springs, not tension springs, so not sure if he meant extension or torsion.

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