Fastening Sheathing

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Fastening Sheathing

I am building a playhouse for my son. Dimensions are 8x6x6 high. Its basically a shed frame with all AC2 lumber. I plan on putting 1/2 T1-11 right on the studs. Two questions for fastening the T1-11:

1.) Galvanized framing nails or 18g galvanized crown staples? I have nailers for both.

2.) Liquid nails yes or no? I keep thinking it would be much stronger... but repair/demo would be tough.
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1. I've never used staples so I vote for nails.

2. I would say no glue. Properly built strength won't be an issue and T1-11 is a bit notorious for not holding up so you may need to replace a section in the future. Also, It's a playhouse and kids grow fast so who knows how long you will want it in the yard. Some time in the future you may be taking it apart albeit with a chainsaw.
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I agree 100% with PD on both points. Staples have their place, but, in my opinion, not in rough framing and construction. And definitely no on the adhesive. Again, it has its' place, even in construction, but not in the construction of a playhouse. It's not necessary and, although I'm sure some mom's like to think otherwise, kids do grow up, so it becomes more of a chore to deconstruct and who knows what projects may come up in the future but it pretty much negates repurposing any of it.
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18 ga crown staples are too small. The only staples you can use take a different gun... a sheathing stapler 7/16 or 1/2" wide x 1 3/4" long.

You should be using 6d hot dipped galvanized nails, which are ok to use in acq. No glue. Don't drive the heads too deep, how you nail the siding will be a factor in how long it lasts. Be sure you have the framing plumb and square as you start to nail your first sheet on. You should be able to use that first sheet to square up the framing if needed.

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