Garage Truss Storage Math

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Garage Truss Storage Math


I have a typical 20x24 garage with typical ceiling trusses. But I do not have any ceiling installed. Looking all around the internet, I know storing much up there is not a good idea. On the safe end, it seems 5 psf is a general number to go with. Bot how do I go about the math on that since there will be no flooring to cover the entire space?

The further details, I have some old closet doors that I will be using to spread between the trusses distributing the load.. So 6.5'x2' spread between 4 trusses. Do I just go with each door can hold approximately 65lbs (13sqft x 5psf). So if there are 2 door on each set up studs, there could be 130lbs on those 4 trusses. Or is that the entire room could handle 2400lbs (480sqft x 5psf), and then I shouldn't go above 200lbs per truss. So in the scenario of the doors, since it's 4 trusses they could handle 800lbs total, or 400lbs each.

Lastly, am I correct in assuming it's better to place these doors closer to the wall instead of in the center section under the peak?
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If you were to search this site you would find that this exact question gets asked about once a month. Some will say you need to get the truss calculations from the manufacturer, others will say used good judgment, I have never seen any generic calculation being applied.

As a builder, and owner, of a couple accessory buildings currently, I store lightweight items, car fenders, plastic buckets, hanging baskets, lawn chairs etc, things that are bulky but light weight.

During construction we regularly walked on individual trusses without an issue. They have safety factors built in so I have no concern with storing items, again, with good judgment!

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