Bent Door

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Bent Door

Wife backed out with the garage partially open and hit the bottom of the door with the top of her SUV. The pictures show how much the door was damaged/bent. Still able to open/close the door without any issues and wondering if there is a way to bend the door back into shape without damaging it.

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Yes, with skill and patience you can probably get it back to 90% of what it was. It will be easier to work on if you remove the bent panel but you can work on it in place. Unfortunately, I've dealt with this a couple times. Luckily I have available long straight sections of steel and aluminum extrusions. You might be able to work with long 2x6 or 2x8 nailed together into a T shape for strength.

First look closely at the door and determine exactly where it is bent. The outer edges may be straight so you might only have to straighten the middle third. Then I put a scrap of 2x4 spacer against the door on both sides and just outboard of the bent area. Then I clamp my straight edge onto the spacer blocks. Then it's a matter of using clamps and gradually tighten them to take the bend out. The spacer blocks are there because you will have to over bend a bit. I work with multiple clamps at a time and sometimes put a block under the clamp to spread it's force out over the door as a clamp on it's own can cause a dent if not careful.
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You could use a long 2x4 and some quik clamps to straighten it out. Then screw a strut across the inside to strengthen the bottom edge and keep it straight.
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