best budget shed foundation, skids deck blocks, road pack?

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best budget shed foundation, skids deck blocks, road pack?

I am building a shed soon. My plan was to excavate 8" down and fill it with either 3/4" gravel or road pack, what would be better? My thought is gravel will allow water to drain away from the shed easier. But it also has the ability to hold onto moisture and slowly have it evaporate it up into the floor as it dries out. Road pack would act more like concrete so it wouldn't drain but it would shed it slightly. I live in Illinois and we get all 4 seasons so i have to worry about frost too.

And would it be better to use skids on the deck or place it on deck blocks? Seems like both would have advantages and disadvantages as well. My worry with skids is eventual rot. And my worry with deck blocks is frost heave moving blocks around over time and pulling the decking apart.

What would you all recommend? I want it to last 40 years.

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I would put the shed on a bed of clean gravel or crushed stone for the drainage. Moisture evaporating is always an issue no matter what stone you choose so it's better to get something that lets the water drain away as quickly as possible to keep the bottom of the deck as dry as possible. Also, water is what causes the freezing problem in winter. You want the gravel to drain freely so there no water in it to freeze and heave.

As for the base of the deck I always build them on a skid. That forms the structure for the floor. Then set the whole shed up on blocks so there is airflow underneath to get rid of the moisture.
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concrete slab would likely be my choice many choose not to do that with sheds for many reasons.

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