What is the best herbicide

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What is the best herbicide

I have an asphalt driveway that abuts my house. There are always weeds growing in the crack between the house and the asphalt. Last year I tore out all the weeds by the roots and poured vinegar into the crack, then I cemented over the crack. This year, there were even more weeds, and they were taller. They literally grew right through the cement. The crack isn't wide enough or deep enough for me to really get enough cement in there. I was going to try it again, with this other stuff that comes in a cauking tube, so I pulled them all out by the roots. There are still a few roots I couldn't get. So I was going to try using the stuff in the caulking tube but then I realized it's pointless because since I couldn't get all the roots, and if weeds will grow right back through cement, this stuff has no chance.

What do I use to kill the weeds for good?
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RoundUp Max or other non-selective product which adds future control.

Nothing kills 'for good,' to use your term.
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Any herbicide containing glyphosate. It's the main ingredient in brand name Round-Up but it's cheaper in lesser known brands like Honcho or Glyfos in larger jugs of concentrate. It will kill most weeks if you spray it on the green leafy parts and is rather safe and does not wash or migrate away.

There are herbicides that have a lingering effect and can prevent things from growing for months. Their big drawback is that they can wash away to kill elsewhere. If you over apply or apply in a drainage area the herbicide can get washed downstream killing the plants along it's path.
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Are these broadleaf weeds ? If so, try wilting with a propane torch. Don't burn to the ground....just wilt them....maybe 2-4 times after they grow back. Eventually, the roots will exhaust themselves trying to grow new leafs....and die. Maybe you could do this in concert with the herbicides mentioned.

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