Frozen Mulch

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Frozen Mulch

Last spring I bought some brown wood mulch, stacked high and dry in my garage since then. Yesterday I had to move them and I had seven brown ice cubes, didn't expect it to be like that.

When these things thaw in the spring will it still be okay or will I have a lot of moldy brown stuff? Usually I spread it after I buy it but last year I was a bit lazy.


Spring is right around the corner.
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If you let it all thaw in the bags and remain there for sure it would go moldy.
A suggestion would be when the thaw comes open the bags and dump them in a pile outside so it can all breathe.
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There's a lot of moisture in those bags, so doesn't sound abnormal to me, and I can't imagine any reason for it not to be fine when it thaws. There are probably pallets upon pallets upon pallets setting frozen in norther yards just waiting to be shipped to your local stores in the spring.
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Okay. Reason I asked was I had a partial bag in a shed for who knows how long and when I went to use it it was all moldy.

When spring comes, any day now , I'll spread it on a tarp outside and dry it good.

Thanks guys
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Oh, it may indeed be moldy...doesn't hurt it any though. I've bought bags and used them right away and they still had some mold. Wear a mask when spreading it and the mold will go away in a short time once exposed to air and sun.
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Spring is right around the corner.

Wish I felt the same but think we still have some winter to get through!
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One time in the early spring I bought a pallet of brown mulch from big orange. Although it had been warm for quite some time the bags were frozen in the middle. After breaking up the pallet they thawed fairly quickly. There was some mold in the middle of the bags but it disappeared fast it was spread around.

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