Best approach for more LP into our RV...?

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Best approach for more LP into our RV...?

This is not something I will do. I will find a licensed contractor:

Our motor home is in a shed about 60 feet away from our house and LP tank. House is all electric and our 500 gallon tank is never used as it only connect to our pool heater.

In the event of a power outage we sometimes move into the RV (especially in winter). In the event of a serious, long term, hacker power grid...blackout, I was thinking of using our 500 gallon LP tank and hooking up to our RV. RV has a 24 gallon LP tank.

I can buy two $500 LP tanks, hook together with a regulator and pipe inside the RV shed and into the RV. Or....hook into the 500 gallon tank, trench over to the RV shed and go into the RV from there.

I don't think I can fill our 24 gallon tank from the 500 gallon tank. Not sure. Plan is to bypass the 24 gallon tank and pipe LP direct into the RV.

Sound reasonable ?
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You can't move propane from one tank to another. It needs to be pumped as a liquid. I've added LP taps in motor homes for BBQ's and such but you'd need a 100% foolproof method to connect to your big tank. 500 gallons of propane is a BIG liability.

That really isn't something I'd even consider as a DIY job. I'd call around and get a professional on-site inspection and estimate.
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You could have a propane service company install a 2 tank source supply change over regulator or a temporary propane hook-up in any safe configuration that you want. They have the expertise to give you the type of hook-up that you desire. I would not try to refill any propane tank myself and where I live it is illegal. You could also install propane heaters o, a vented propane fireplace, or even a small propane furnace If you desired. The RV conversion would be the easiest solution.
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I agree that you really need to get a licensed gas fitter to come asses your whole situation.
I am sure he could come up with a quick connect means to operate your camper from a permanent tank.

What you really need to do though is confirm that operating your gas appliances if the camper is in the shed complies with your property insurance.
I believe ii may not but you need to be sure.

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