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Rheem Furnace HSI glows, small flame then Code 11. Experts donít agree on cause.

Rheem Furnace HSI glows, small flame then Code 11. Experts donít agree on cause.


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Rheem Furnace HSI glows, small flame then Code 11. Experts donít agree on cause.

Looking for some guidance with my Rheem Furnace. As I have two experts telling me two different things and Im stuck as to where to go from here.

Rheem Contour RGFG-07EMCKS
Natural Gas
Installed in 2016

We recently purchased this home and had issues with the furnace when we arrived:

- Hot surface igniter glows
- Calls for gas
- Small fame appears for 2-3 seconds
- Shuts off with a code 11 (failed ignition test).

First HVAC person checked everything and after testing the pressure coming from the gas service provided, stated that the pressure is too high (11.5 when the furnace is rated for 5 to 10.5). He said the higher than expected pressure is causing the gas valve not to open fully. He suggested I contact the gas provider and have them check the regulator.

Gas provider checked gas pressure and confirmed 11.5, but unable to change as area is a low pressure system with one regulator for the whole community. He advised they only have to provide within 1 square inch of pressure (so 11.5 when 10.5 is max is ok). He did some checking and said only getting reading of 0.3 on output of gas valve so either something has blocked it or the valve is bad. He said the installer would have known the pressure in this area is 11.5 when he put it in in 2016. He suggested I contact the installer rather than the HVAC person I had paid to come previously.

I contacted the installer who confirmed the pressure for the area is within the expected range. He also suspects the something is blocking the gas or the valve has gone bad.

I spoke again with the first HVAC person who insists the valve is fine, but the overage of pressure is causing the valve not to open. He said it should be around 7 not 11.5. He feels everyone in the neighbourhood will have a similar issue when the furnaces come on and the regulator needs to be changed.

So, now I either get the installer to come in and check and pay him OR call the gas provider and insist they do something about the high pressure (1 inch over furnace max) OR insist the first HVAC guy come back as I already paid him for the service call.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I do my research and like to be in the know, but reply on experts to get the job done. In this case, I feel like the experts are putting me in the middle and im just not sure the best route to save my hard earned cash. Money is tight with a new house and new baby J.

Thank you in advance,
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If you have other gas appliances and they work fine, it's the gas valve that's bad.

I wouldn't expect having the inlet pressure an inch or so above the max cause the valve not to open properly.

it's probably the internal regulator in the valve that's gone.

usually the gas meter itself has a regulator on it.
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usually the gas meter itself has a regulator on it.
I've found with the gas companies that there is no "usually". It depends mostly on the street pressure. In my area there are no regulators on the meters.

In this case.... I severely doubt the problem is high pressure. It sounds like a defective gas valve to me.
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Do you think it would be worthwhile to check for spider nest in manifold.
Also pull gas connector off and check for obstruction.

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