Remove a stuck screw on a phone

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Remove a stuck screw on a phone

I am trying to take apart my phone, and have 3 stuck screws.

They are very small screws.. 1 millimeter (mm) at the very most, maybe even a bit smaller.

(1) I used lubricant to remove some, but it didn't work on these 3 screws.

(2) I hit them with a hammer but it didn't work on these 3 screws.

(3) Pliers don't work because the screw is stuck in, and not sticking out.

The only remaining options I've seen are

(4) Screw extractor

The problem with this, is that there are apparently no screw extractors small enough for these screws.

I may be wrong on that though, so let me know

(5) Dremel

I fear as if this is going to cut all the phone plastic and stuff surrounding the screws, and therefore damage the phone.

What do you think..?? What is the solution here..?

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Welcome to the forums.

You hit the screws with a hammer and you're worried about the phone.

I see your picture but can't enlarge it enough to see the type of screws.
Usually they use a micro Torx screw or a micro safety screw or just a micro Philips head.

Did you damage the heads to the point where there is nothing left or you just can't find what fits them ?

A closeup of a single screw head would help.
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Never taken one of those apart, but have removed many difficult screws.
1. You could drill down through the center of the head with a drill just a bit larger than the shaft of the screw. Once it reaches the shaft the hear will come off. Once the cover is removed then you will have to either cut a slot in the remaining shaft to use a regular slotted screwdriver or grip it with pliers, if the shaft is long enough.

2. With a dremel and fiber disk you could try to cut a slot for a screwdriver. It would also cut the case on each side but structurally the cover would remain if tact.

3. A more desperate measure would be to chill the screw with a can of freeze. If this worked it should leave the cover undamaged. If directing the spray onto the head of the screw is difficult, hold the screwdriver tightly in place and freeze the shaft of the screwdriver.

Is the screw head phillips? Is there anything left of the slots?
There are different shapes for phillip heads and you would want to be sure you are using the right one.

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I suspect we will never hear back from kingneil but I want to know why he is disassembling his telephone. I'm a curious guy but I have never had the urge to take my cell phone apart.
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I have a Samsung not the same model but mine has mini Phillips screws.

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