pedometer/heart monitor/watch

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pedometer/heart monitor/watch

Wondering if anyone has or has used one and has any opinions on them. Getting older, only a few minor hiccups along the way, and continuing to try to do things the right way, within reason of course! Some evenings I enjoy a walk and some I am content to putter in the shop, but thinking that many times it's because I have already walked a lot that day. So wondering if such things actually work, which I assume they do, but do they actually measure walking through the course of the day when say you have tools in your hands or are working about the shop and are not swinging your arms as much as if you're just out for a walk. I assume that a standalone pedometer would probably be more accurate, but I want it to maybe help me, not hinder me, and we all carry around enough things in our pockets and on our belts with cell phones, tools, etc. Every once in a while someone will tease me about wearing two pair of suspenders, one for my pants and one my tool belt, so don't want to get too bogged down!
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If you aren't doing full cardio exercises, I wouldn't bother with a heart monitor a pedometer. Working in a shop & basic walks really aren't exercise. I do internal & external martial art exercises. I also have a heavy bag, double end bag & speed bag.
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I agree that a heart monitor isn't necessary (a wristwatch with a 2nd hand works just as well), but "basic walking" is indeed exercise. Just google "walking for exercise" to get a different perspective from "its not really exercise". It all depends where you are in life. At age 40 I ran a couple of miles every day. At age 60 I jogged a couple of miles several times a week. At age 70 I walk. If I tried to run a couple of miles I would croak.

For those of us surfing on the back side of the wave, walking can be a way to burn a few calories, loosen stiff joints and muscles, and get it gets the heart muscle pumping a bit more than sitting in front of a computer.

I walk 3 miles a day, every day, encouraged by my cardiologist. He tells me that a brisk walk is a good way to help rehab a damaged heart.

I use an A&A pedometer when walking. I got it on Amazon for something around 30 bucks. Unlike a lot of pedometers and cell phone apps it is pretty accurate. I walk at a measured track and it's right on the money. My wife has a FitBit and the two pedometers agree within a few of steps over a couple of miles.
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He tells me that a brisk walk is a good way to help rehab a damaged heart.
A power walk maybe exercise but a basic walk is not exercise. There is such a thing called "junk miles". Aside from that, the other types of exercises that I mentioned are far better than walking.
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I have always been active and routinely exercise but after having a heart attack on a long international flight more accurately tracking my exercise has become important. I have a Fitbit Charge 2. While all the "fluffy" stuff like daily goals and the incentive Emails don't appeal to me the heart rate monitoring and step counter work quite well. The heart rate is accurate which is great for when I'm on the treadmill or bike. The step counter may not offer an accurate count of your steps it does provide a good record of your daily movement.

The most surprising feature I like is that I have the Fitbit paired to my phone and the watch displays my incoming texts. Now it's quick and easy to glance at the watch and see if it's a text I need to respond to or if it can wait till later.

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