Intertherm system and the many techs

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Intertherm system and the many techs

I recently purchased a reno property. It is a 2000 mobile home with an Intertherm unit. I called the same HVAC company that services my other homes and they said they could tune it up for about $2500. Great. I was already over budget on other fixes. They assured me a new unit wasnt needed, this one would last awhile yet. They came out, got it running and all was well.
Fast forward a month in. Big storm hits. I noticed the unit stopped working. I smell burning wires so I shut it off. Breakers and all. Tech comes out and says lightning hit caused wires to fry. This of course isnít covered by my warranty so I get it fixed.

I then notice half the house isnít cooling. The crossover duct is old and torn. So, another $1k and thatís fixed. They tell me my coils are aging and they might not have been right about the unit lasting. They wonít of course give me credit and Iím now over $5k in with the initial tune up, wiring fix and the duct work. So I tell themó hey itís working now. Iíll let it do itís thing. They say okay but new unit is going to be $7k and call when Iím ready.

It runs like a top for another few months. We got our first cold day here and my new tenants tell me heater isnít turning on. Just a clicking sound. So I take a look. My HVAC company told me they wonít service this unit anymore (seems pretty rotten as I paid for a 2 year warranty but whatever). So I called another company in town just for a second opinion. The blower isnít turning on. Maybe bad relay somewhere.

New tech comes out and tells me yes, he thinks the relay is bad. He installs a new one. Tries to turn on unit. Blower starts but no heat. Now he tells me bad heating elements. Interesting because it was working fine before. But okay. He says heíll come back tomorrow. I have to head to my day job so I head out too. Get a call from tenants the tech left the cooling system on with thermostat and system is running hog wild. I show up. He left all the covers off the system and the coils are frozen solid. Dang. I turn off system and turn the fan on to help thaw (water is overflowing from the drain pan). I let it thaw. Then I shut system down entirely. I am getting ready to leave and have a few choice words for this tech when I hear the fan turn back on. Weird. As Iím walking to the furnace room I smell burning. My walk turns in to a run and I immediately shut off the breakers. Did my motor burn up trying to run the AC all day? I have no idea.

Iím worried not one but two companies have been having me throw money at a problem. I know at this point I need a new unit but gosh- I would have liked to not thrown money at this old one. Not to mention if I couldíve had it limp along til 2020 I couldíve had some tax money to replace.

I guess I came to vent and all see if thereís any insight yíall can give. Iím usually pretty handy but I figured Iíd let the experts take a crack. From what Iíve seen, theyíve done things even I know not to.
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What exactly was done originally for $2500?
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Welcome to the forums.

they said they could tune it up for about $2500
Sorry but that would have been the red flag for me. Tune-up.....

I don't really know how much help we could give you now.
It sounds like the system was patched together when it probably should have been replaced.

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