How to force permanent sleep timer or make workaround?

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How to force permanent sleep timer or make workaround?

Just got a cheap black friday element tv e4st4316h. Great so far, but only concern is no auto shut off when idle. The kids are awful at remembering to shut things off. There is a sleep timer on it but must be turned on every time manually. There doesn't seem to be any other power options.

Thus, wondering if there is a way to force the sleep timer permanently, or if smart tv's like these are capable of downloading some sort of app to do.

Perhaps some sort of electrical attachment to it that acts as sleep timer?

Even a screensaver would be good. I'm worried about screen burn/damage besides energy savings.

Any suggestions at all are appreciated.
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Most newer ones I've seen are the same way. No permanent sleep timer setting. Heck, 2 of mine don't even have a SLEEP button on the remote, you have to go in and set it via the main menu.

Most will go to stand-by (blank screen) once the input is removed. Did you check that? I'll bet they remember to turn off their game (if that's what it's being used for). If they don't, just take the game for a week or so after warning them what will happen. Maybe you could pair your phone with it and turn it off remotely? If it's TV, there shouldn't be any danger of burn in.

Looking at the manual it's got a larger than normal range for the sleep timer. Why not just set it and tell them when it goes off, TV/game time is done for the day?

I think a better solution would be to beat your kids j/k
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I wouldn't put an external timer on the power cord. That could cause all kinds of issues with the saved settings.
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Ditto on not adding the external timer on the power cord. The remote option might be the best bet for what you want to do.

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