DIY Speaker Box for Military functions


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DIY Speaker Box for Military functions


I hope this is the right place to put this request.

I am in the Military and we often have events (quarterly awards, promotions etc) where each unit cheer for their people. Other units like the Military Police bring noise makers, it is basically a box with a horn/siren/speakers and when they press a button, the police lights turn on and a police siren is heard through the speakers. Another group, the Firefighter folks...have a similar device. A box with a speaker on it and when they push a button, the familiar fire truck noise comes on.

I would like to build something similar to what they have but I do not know where to start. How are the speakers wired? Where does the power come from? What about the audio...I am assuming it's plugged into some sort of mp3/iPod device.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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First thing that comes to my mind would be a FM transmitter and a portable radio (like a job site radio) You could connect that to your phone or Ipod.

However, I did a search on google and amazon for "megaphone" and got lots of hits and they are not that expensive. There are also megaphones that can record things to play and that take SD cards. Might be the easier way.
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What kind of sounds do you want to produce?

Going the speaker route will allow you to produce almost any sound but it's volume will be limited by the speaker and amplifier power. If you want to make a loud air horn sound then an air horn and bottle of compressed gas could be louder and sound better.
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I'm in a Communications unit so we were thinking of maybe downloading the old 56K modem sound and playing it.
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Since I'm in commercial sound... I've supplied parade (12v) equipment. I used to use dedicated 12v mixer/amps that were very temperamental. I switched over to using regular car audio amps. They come in many sizes. They have an RCA input and speaker outputs. Very basic.

Your in the military... you should have access to old siren units. Check at one of the motor pools. I have a couple of them that get used in parades. Some come with a mic. They have all types of built in siren sounds. You can also connect an AUX input. These things put out +60 watts of power and are loud.

This is just one example.
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