Is Older Samsung TV Digital Ready?


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Is Older Samsung TV Digital Ready?

My Cable company that supplies service to my vacation rental just went all digital on their signals. They said that you have to auto program again for all new channels to take. I have gotten 3 of 4 tv's set and running. The fourth one is giving me some difficulty. It seems that it is new enough to accept digital signals (had digital outputs, HDMI inputs, etc) but it won't give me the option to scan for digital channels, only analogue. So help me if I am missing something, the online manual did nothing to clear the picture.


Thanks in advance.
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The specs say it digital tuner.
Are you setting it to cable and not Antenna or AIR?
How do I tune digital channels on my Samsung television?
  1. Press the MENU button [ ] on your remote control. ...
  2. Scroll down to Auto Store and press the ENTER button [ ].
  3. Select Antenna type and press the ENTER button [ ].
  4. Select the antenna type that you are using (Air or Cable) and press the ENTER button [ ].
  5. Select Channel Source and press the ENTER button [ ].
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Thanks Norm, already done the basics like you have described. No option along the way said anything about a digital option.
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It looks like ANT 1 is air signals and ANT-2 is cable signals.

I'd use the ANT-2 input and set to CABLE.
There are three cable modes availble..... STD, HRC and IRC. Try STD first.
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Can you select any channel using the cable box and feed it to the TV set using an HDMI cable? Then set the TV to Video1 or HDMI2 or whatever matches the jack in back you plugged into. Can you switch to any other channel using the cable box without touching or moving the cable behind the TV?

The tuner (channel selector) for over the air HDTV from an antenna is different from the tuner for cable TV delivered raw via a coax cable with no cable box. There are only a (fortunately) small number of different raw formats and the cable tuner built into the TV set may or may not accept all of them.

The HDMI cable delivers one channel at a time so scanning of channels by the TV would not apply.

HRC and IRC consist of fine untuning of some of the channels before they are combined onto the cable. This was intended to reduce some interferience effects between adjacent channels. (Over the air TV rarely has adjacent channels other than 6 and 7 and other than 13 and 14 in use in the same city.) Selecting HRC or IRC on your TV set performs a fine retuning to undo the untuning the cable company did. If you made the wrong selection you may or may not get degradation (the TV may or may not have auto fine tuning that succeeds in making the correction) or some channels might not come in at all.

Next, the various channels coming in via the cable may be analog, digital, or a mixture of both. The digital channels on cable are not in the same format as digital over the air broadcasts so the signals cannot be simply fed into the same circuits as over the air digital signals..

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I saw online comments that this set does not have the capability to receive QAM digital cable signals. Also it was released before 2009 when Samsung started putting QAM capability into all their TVs.
You can get a set top decoder box that accepts QAM for about $35 like the iView 3200STB from B&H and other sources. Or you might just consider replacing the TV with a newer model.

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Thanks all, I gave up and went an bought a new higher end smart TV and called it a day. Fortunately, I didn't have to replace all 4 TV's only one, so I consider it a win. Picture is awesome compared to the old unit. 4K is the bomb.
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