Preparing for, cleaning up after Cicadas?

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Question Preparing for, cleaning up after Cicadas?

The Cicadas are about to hit. What should a home owner do to prepare for them beforehand and to clean up after? Are they likely to fly in through the outdoor air conditioning unit or down the chimney? Are they hard to clean off the house or windows after?
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I'm no authority, but I've only had one come into the house in my whole life, and that was years ago. They usually hang around trees (or at least that's been my experience). They just leave their shell, which you can just pick up and toss.
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For the most part they are innocuous. They emerge from the ground and for about 2 weeks make an unbearable noise, usually about 85 dB. They only make it during the day and are quiet at night. Their purpose is to mate and die, and the young will retreat to the ground for another 7 years. They are attracted to trees where they will not only eat leaves, but it is where they lay their eggs. We have never had them fly down the chimney or into the condenser, although it is not out of the realm of possibility. You will find that no birds will visit your feeders if you have them out as they are pigging out on cicadas. Dogs love them, too, and do no harm to the dogs, so don't try to keep them from eating them. There isn't much to clean up as they die and deteriorate pretty quickly. What you will see is remnants of their exoskeleton left hanging in tree limbs, where they shed them.
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Was planting a few plants in the landscape beds today and every shovelful of dirt had 3 or 4 nearly mature cicadas in it, so looks like it's going to be a big emergence, at least here in NE Ohio.

Agree with the others that the noise is the most noticeable part of them. But since they are feeding only on tree liquids, they do "pee" a lot, so it's not a bad idea to wear a hat when outside under trees during the peak. And I've read that they are attracted by the sound of outdoor power equipment and so may land on you when you're working in the yard. But other than the surprise factor, they are harmless.

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