Ants will not go away!

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Ants will not go away!

I have an ant infestation in my kitchen, like every year, but it is worse this year and the Terro bait I've used in years past doesn't seem to be working anymore. They eat it all up and come back for more like it isn't bothering them at all. It has been two weeks and there are hundreds of then feeding. I keep feeding and they keep coming. Does this type of bait expire?
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I confirmed with a quick search but Terro ant bait doesn't appear to diminish with time. So keep feeding them as much as they will take.
PABugman will be along, but in my years I have encountered some massive ant colonies and the best, if not only way to get to the heart of that colony is by baiting.

From what you posted I would increase the number of bait stations, especially since they like it. You can test the effectiveness by catching a few and placing them inside a clear dry plastic bottle (or other). Add a drop or two of the Terro and they should die in a few hours. When my pests stop feeding I use the water bottle trick to contaminate a few and then release them where I found them.

It does take time but you have solved the biggest problem by getting them to feed.

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Yep, I agree with Bud; if the ants find it acceptable then it is still palatable and slowly toxic. The key word is “slowly”. If it worked too quickly then the foragers would die off before taking it back to the colony. Two weeks is a longer time than usual,so I suspect a very large colony. Keep baiting; in fact, put more out. No sprays or cleaners nearby as that will repel and work against baiting strategy.

A behavior that I’ve experienced is that when it appears they are done and gone, about a month or so later you will see more again. Also, the following year too. Don’t look at that as failure; just re-bait. If and when Terro is not accepted, go to the gels in the plastic syringes. Ants will want carbohydrates and/or proteins at different times of year. Sometimes bait rejection is simply that. Terro is carbo based, gels tend to be protein based.

Keep us posted. Several more weeks of intensive baiting should show noticeable effects.
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Ants are everywhere, you'll never be rid of them. As said, as long as they keep eating it, keep giving them more bait. As you've seen. they'll be back next year or the year after.

I've had some success keeping them out of the house by applying a 5' wide path of granules around the house but I would not do that until they are gone inside.
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I would make sure there are no food sources in the kitchen... crumbs, etc. Even if you keep a clean kitchen, you may be overlooking something. I had a honey packet that had unknowingly opened up in my cupboard one year, and an ant managed to find it and bring all his friends to join the party.

Additionally, you can spray some Home Defense on the outside of your house to act as a barrier to keep the ants out.

I find that by minimizing any food source and also using this defensive barrier, I rarely if ever see ants in my home, with the exception of the occasional single straggler looking for a meal. I have no ant/bait traps in my home.
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After heavy rains it seems that when most infestations will start.

FWIW...My wife buys Boric acid powder as a deterrent. We swipe it under the baseboard moldings and into crevices. We let it stay there all year long. Seems to work well. Mildly toxic to pets and people, and may cause sickness if taken internally. By comparison to most commercially advertised ant and roach killers, I think Boric acid is the most effective and least harmful to people. The same stuff used as an eye wash.
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is the nest IN Your kitchen or possibly somewhere outside and they are just getting in your house looking for food. Maybe the foragers are dying on their way back?
Keep baiting and try to bait multiple areas. PAbugman helped me with carpenter ants a few years ago and his best suggestion was bait MULTIPLE areas and regularly (like every day +) and see which baits are being eaten the fastest. That will tell you where they are coming from and you can keep baiting the closest possible area.
Also I would perimeter spray the house. I get small concrete ants every year. Everyone in the block does. This year I started perimeter spraying and baiting a tad early and have yet to see the ants, though it could just be luck!

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