Fleas in House

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Fleas in House

I have a rental house recently vacated that was heavily infested with fleas. Mostly old hardwood floors with numerous cracks and gaps between floorboards and one room carpeted.

Before starting treatment I did a thorough cleaning of the entire house. The carpet has been vacuumed and shampood. I started with spraying all the floors rather heavily with a mixture of Fenva Star Plus (Esfenvalerate), CY-Kick (Cyfluthrin) and Tekko Pro IGR. Then every other day I go over all the floors with a shop vac to remove and activate any eggs and spray again. I am slowly winning the battle but it's slow.

Are the products I'm using the best? Should I be using something like Talstar (Bifenthrin) in addition to or instead of one of the other chemicals?
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Doesn't that just suck.
I've used food grade Diatmaceous Earth in the past with great results.
The forum pro "bug man" is away for a few days.
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Some years ago, I brought home a couple of stray kittens I found. After they were gone, they left lots and lots of fleas! I just bought lots of cans of flea spray (that you spray on dogs) and used that. It did work and fairly quickly. There's probably better stuff to use, but just another option.
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I got a stray cat once and it brought in fleas. used this Diatmaceous Earth and used a baking sifter to spread on carpets. sweep i n and leave it for a while. Couple of weeks and than vacuum up . All my fleas were gone.
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Back when I lived in fla I'd bring in sand fleas about once a year [socks,pant legs] If I remember correctly I'd sprinkle sevin dust on the carpet and set off a bug bomb, then go to work and vacuum when I got home.
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Pilot: You are using a good tank mix. As far as bifenthrin, I don't believe that it is labeled for the broadcast type of treatment indoors that you need. Bifenthrin is an outstanding general pest control insecticide (but not roaches).

Vacant units are harder to gain flea control than are occupied units. Doesn't sound logical but here's why.

Flea goes from egg-larvae-pupae (coocoon)-adult. There are no longer any insecticdes that kill the eggs or pupae. The growth regulators do stop the larva stage from pupating though.

No matter how well you clean, and it is important, the unhatched pupae that are deeper in cracks and unavailable to mechanical cleaning, will hatch out when a host appears. They will not hatch out if a host does not appear. This can go on for up to 9 months (extreme). This is why, when I did a vacant unit, I insisted on having a key so I could enter every couple of days to get the pupae cases stirred up, otherwise they would hatch out in one massive burst when a host, usually landlord or rental agent, enters.

After initial treatment with tank mix, I would show up several days later, tuck my pants into my socks, and enter house. After slowly walking through a room and scuffing my feet for vibration (they like that too), I would inspect my socks/pantlegs for activity after every room. Scheduled at end of day so as not to transport fleas to other customers. I would approach every room this way so that I could tell if one room was the problem or is there an overall problem, or is it just the basement, etc. Once I determined where the hatches were occurring I would use the aerosol and spray the floor on my way out of the room. These aeros are made to be used upsidedown and aimed at the floor. Don't over do it, read the label for square footage. If flea activity noted on my legs, I would treat my pant legs, socks, shoes with the same aero.

Also, if there are floor vents/return vents, inspect them for pet hair/dander and clean as needed. These are often found in older victorian/federal style houses and often overlooked by pest control and owners. I've seen pet hair matted thick in the floor return registers. Great flea harborage.

This particular brand of aero is very popular now and some are using it as a stand alone product.


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