How to prevent flying squirrels from entering attic

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How to prevent flying squirrels from entering attic

I had several flying squirrels enter the attic. I think they are climbing the conduit/whether head electrical drop that supplies power to the house and entering the eve or gutter at that corner of the house. Both the gutter eve looks like there had been entry showing bending of the trim and gnawing and the siding . I can see daylight in this area from the attic.

I will have the eve and gutter repaired and a nearby tree trimmed. Will a shield, similar to a "squirrel guard" used on bird feeder pole, mounted around the conduit and against the siding prevent the squirrels from climbing electrical drop?
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The shield probably would stop them, but it has to be tight and secure around the conduit as they can squeeze through the tiniest of openings. They are amazing climbers and little hustlers so are you sure that this is the only way in or up?

I assume that you've removed them from attic and such? I had good luck with rat traps with expanded triggers. One time all I caught was a squirrel tail; several days later I caught a tailess flying squirrel.
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They could enter other ways, but I am not familiar with all of their habits. They could enter by the nearby tree that is 5 ft from to the eve, but previously even when I trimmed it back they still entered the house. There other possibility is flying onto the roof from taller trees that are about 25 ft away from the house.

I have remove them all, but keep a trap baited and check it regularly. They do not do well in the Live trap even for a short time, they seem to panic. The are amazing climbers and flyers. I have seen them climb and fly down a several tall trees in what seemed like a few seconds.
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I don't think we have any flying squirrels here where I am but the regular ones are headaches enough. Once they find a way in to a space they become fixated on it. Even if temporarily.... the repairs usually need to be done with metal so they can't chew thru it.

They went on my neighbors roof and chewed a hole in a wood shutter with a thin screen behind it. He replaced it with a new identical unit and they proceeded to shred it too. I cut a piece of expanded metal mesh to cover the entire vent and that stopped them.
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I have a squirrel who chewed a slot 4 inches x 2 inches in hard aluminum trim (.010-.015 inches thick) to gain access to a hole in the roof overhang which I covered with the aluminum. Hit him with a BB gun a couple of times while he was chewing away to no avail.

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