Too many Bees, .... How to combat?

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Too many Bees, .... How to combat?

There are ALREADY several Honeybees when I started gardening, .... buzzig around like trying to chase me away from them.

Last summer, there were a bunch of bees and I got stung several times not knowing that those, annoying bees tried making their nests even under the cardboard, tiny crevices under the roof and windows. Practically, I was afraid of going my own backyard.

I did some of 'bee repellents/chasers' purchased from Amazon along with numerous bee- sprays, but kept coming back.

How to get rid of bees?

Any suggestions and ideas would be truly appreciated.
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If we're talking honey bees you should not be killing, they are having a rough time as it is. Contact a local bee keeper and they hopefully will help find the hive and remove!
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I agree with Marq1. Please, please don't think about killing them. Bee keepers will be more than happy to help you.
If you need help finding one, we can help you.
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..... and you need the bees to pollinate your plants.
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Thanks for the responses with concern over Honeybee-task.

There were numerous 'regular' bees, called 'stinger-bees,' I encountered last summer, 2018 whenever I stepped into my own backyard. They dominated my whole backyard chasing all of my family members.

How to combat those, allergic-causing and very harmful bees?

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picture may help identify what you are having a problem with, really doesn't sound like honey bees though as they generally only bother you if you disturb there hive or are in very close proximity to it.
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Beekeepers use smokers to make honeybees docile, not sure if it works for all types of bees. Honeybees would not be under cardboard.
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Thanks, I can not use 'smoker' that is dangerous to use, because those bees buzzing around the bushes.
Stingers-Bees which are visibly small in size making its nests anywhere they can find, ... i.e. insides wooden-boxes, ceiling of garden tool shed and yes.... even under the cardboard. Once I tried to use the cardbox kept on the shelf of outside, I got stung by one of stingers and several more bees very angrily chasing me to the death. It was one of scariest experience in my life, as for an avid gardener. Luckily, I'm not allergic to 'bee-sting/stung.' It took about one week to ten days to itchiness, discomfort and swelling went away. Someone suggests 'beer' mixed with plain-water inside a glass bottle would do the job, however I never tried it yet.
Any old tricks and suggestions would be truly appreciated.
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Originally Posted by PineCone

annoying bees tried making their nests even under the cardboard, tiny crevices under the roof and windows
What you're describing isn't honey bee behavior.
Sounds more like hornets or yellow jackets.
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Following up on what Hal and Alan said, I too believe that you are dealing with a variety of bee species. Nesting, except for honeybees, occurs late in summer. That is a time when bees are aggressive and defensive.

What I have seen in the spring is bushes/trees that have a type of dew, sap, pollen etc that is desirable to various species. The bushes can appear to be "alive" with activity while blossoming. I've wondered if the different species in close contact with each other cause heightened aggression. My observation only, not based on data/articles. Please don't treat these bushes with anything as it will slowly kill a lot of bees in time. Nothing will work as a repellent in this case. Removing and replacing the bushes with something very different is the best long term solution, if this type of pollination is what's causing some of the problem.

Flying insects of any type are prohibitive to control with insecticides, physical barriers, repellents, etc. Their behavior is literally a force of nature.
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Might be best to capture some of the ones you don't want and take them somewhere local for identification and see whether there's something for them which will leave the beneficial bees alone.

Not sure why a smoker is dangerous, it's just a pot that emits smoke - it's not a roaring campfire.
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Bees and wasp that nest near human door ways, paths, walkways, patios are a nuisance. Be vigilant and identity those nesting sites and take needed measures. The remaining garden bees will be tolerable. Locating all nuisance nest sound like the next course of action.

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