Signs of mouse

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Signs of mouse

I moved into a new condo (2.5yrs). 12th floor and the other day a bag of chips I left on the kitchen counter had gnawed marks on one corner.

I went through all cabinets looking for mouse droppings and found none.
got a uv light to look for urine and nothing.

I started smelling what I think is mouse urine but it might be my mind playing tricks on me.

I've placed glue traps at random locations and nothing.

should I call a exterminator or just keep checking the traps and hope for the best?

would mouse leave my condo and never return all of a sudden?
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It sounds like you are pretty thorough in searching so I would not panic until I had definite signs. It's possible the bag got mangled somewhere and you just now noticed it.

In the mean time if you want to be proactive you can look for sources of entry for a mouse. Look for any holes or crevices. Especially look under the kitchen and bathroom sinks where the plumbing lines enter. Often there is a gap around the pipes. You can cover any openings with metal (beer or soup can) or stuff the opening with steel wool. Don't cover any holes with wood or cardboard as mice can quickly chew through but they don't like chewing on metal. Very small gaps can be caulked to keep out drafts and insects.
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Glue traps only deal with the path mice normally travel. I baited trap attracts them to the smell, which would have been why they went for the bag of chips. You can start by placing samples of different bait in many places to see if any are missing. That tells you that you do have a critter visiting and what to use for bait.

If none of the bait is touched you are clear to assume the chewed up bag occurred somewhere else, hopefully.

Pipes under the sinks is always a good place to check.

The bad news is, if they are urinating, that smell you mentioned, it is often in a hidden corner inside the walls. They don't do a lot of that business along their trails.


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