Larvae crawling in bathroom?


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Hi all, I found this little larvae-like creature crawling along the wood at the base of my apartment's bathtub. I would have thought it was a maggot or something, but it wasn't crawling like a worm. It was moving kind of fast, almost scurrying, like it had legs. I killed it, but wasn't brave enough to pick it up and inspect it, so I took pictures, which I attached to the post. At the risk of being too gross, I think I squished the back end of it a bit (the right side of the picture), because it had been crawling the other way. After searching online, I am worried it could be a termite. It's the first one I've seen since we moved in over a month ago. Does anyone with more experience with pests have any idea what it could most likely be? I sent pictures to my landlord, with a text saying I wanted to let him know in case it's something serious like termites.

I did not see legs, though I'm sure it had to have them due to the way it was moving. It crawled in short bursts. The first picture has my flash on, as I was trying to get more detail. The second picture more accurately shows what I was seeing; it was white-ish and translucent. It was very small, maybe the size of a fingernail, but big enough that I saw it crawling.

It may also be helpful to mention that I love in Vermont.

Hi again everyone,

I woke up to yet another of these little bugs in my bathroom, crawling around the same spot the larvae was (I have attached pictures of the new one as well as the larvae from yesterday. Please ignore the hair on the floor). It was scurrying in the same way, like it had little legs, and it moved in short bursts. It pivoted its head around, almost like a caterpillar or something. It was crawling along the wood at the base of my bathtub, and disappeared behind the toilet.

Does anyone have any idea what this is??? I'm seriously freaking out, I've never seen anything like this before. Again, I live in Vermont, not sure if that makes a difference.
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The top picture looks like a millipede; I can't tell anything from the next pic.

Does it have legs? Millipedes have short legs. They are harmless but can be a nuisance in large quantities. We just started seeing them in our house the last two weeks.
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I combined your threads.

It's called a Silverfish. They like moist, warm, dark places. Not surprising to see them in a basement or around leaking tubs or toilets.
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