New homeowner needs backyard help


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New homeowner needs backyard help

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Hi there! I really hope this is the proper place for this post.

If not, please be kind, as I have tried to post properly.

My wife and I are fairly new homeowners (8 months). As you see in the photo, our backyard is not the prettiest. In the middle of the yard, there is a huge gap where the previous homeowners had a playhouse for their daughters. I am trying to figure out what to do with our yard to make it look nicer. I have considered removing the honeysuckle on the back left and then making a nicer looking wood pile holder to place back there, but once the leaves grow back, all of the trees/honeysuckle provide a nice wall of green along our back fence. We literally aren't able to see through it to the yards behind that is nice. but I still feel like there is much we can do to improve this back here. Any ideas? Open to any and all. I am really having trouble envisioning anything back here. Should we plant something where the playhouse was? I don't know.

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the forums.

This is the correct forum for your thread. Congrats on the new purchase.

I can see a built in swimming pool there. (that's what I did)
Pool on the right.... shed in the back left corner.

You need a vision. What do you want to see ? A perfect grass lawn ?
Any kids ?

The four different fences that abut your yard aren't helping anything.
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Thank you for the quick reply! And yes, the 4 different fences are awful! Ha I added the cheap one to the back right to keep our dog in (we no longer have a dog but that's another story). When we moved in back in the summer, the trees/brush to the back right were so full that along with that and the playhouse they had, you couldn't even see the cheap fence that I added. when they removed the playhouse a month after we lived here (agreement on purchase), it left this huge void in the yard.

Talking with my wife, we will probably pass on a pool because we know we will not like to maintain it. We have a one-year old and hope for more to come.

I guess what I want to see is mainly more order along the back fence line (or at least something to cover the cheaper fence as the playhouse did before...perhaps a line of bushes? i don't know haha).

The grass is far from perfect but that's a separate issue. My main thing is that I would like to have some project that I can be doing over the years in our backyard that will add some sort of value to our house and that may also be nice for us to look at our back windows. I know this is so vague. Sorry!

Maybe a treehouse in the middle there?!
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If you add your location to your profile it will help with specific suggestions.

Honeysuckle can provide a nice screen effect, but because it has a very informal and unstructured growth pattern it can look messy. Some folks like that, others prefer a more formal look. There are a lot of vertical growth shrubs that can create a nice screen, and if you choose varieties that don't spread off suckers they maintain a neater appearance without a lot of maintenance. Your local nursery would be a good place to discuss varieties that do well in your area. It's also helpful to know what sort of soil is back there and whether it dries well or stays damp. IIWM, I'd bring in some soil to raise the planting beds 6 or 8 inches to set off the planting area and provide a place for some flowers and such. Raising the bed tends to help improve drainage for the plantings.

I could certainly see a kid's play structure back there and sounds like you will be needing one in future. And if it were me, I'd want the firewood closer to the house (unless it is only used for outdoor fires). Not so close that you have to worry about insects and such, but in a more convenient location.

Besides the play structure, paver patios with an area for outdoor cooking and entertaining is always a popular addition.

Good luck with your project!
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Thank you for the response! I am kind of torn on whether to keep the honeysuckle or not. I'll have to take your advise to visit a local nursery. We are in southwest Ohio. I'll add that to my profile shortly. I have no experience with raising the beds, planting flowers, etc, but hopefully after a visit to the local nursery they can point on down the right path!

Thanks again!
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Take pictures and a soil sample with you. They may have ideas from pictures and help with proper fertilizers you will need.
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