mulching troubles

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mulching troubles

Hi, I've periodically mulched a couple of circular shaped beds in front of my house. But, broadleaf weeks continue to come up through the mulch. I'm thinking perhaps I haven't laid down the mulch early enough in the spring? (Washington DC area)

My plan is to wait until a freeze this fall when weeds are killed off. Then, turn over those beds to raw dirt. Then in spring, lay down mulch on top of dirt.

Any problems with this plan, additional steps to recommend, etc.?
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Random seeds are still going to be brought in by the wind or in the scat of birds and/or any other critters who might wander by.
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My wife uses Preen under the mulch, because, as Vermont said, there are numerous ways that various seeds will find their way in there throughout the year, and it sure seems anyway to be effective. For existing beds she pulls back any existing mulch, loosens the soil with a rake, obviously pulls any weeds, sprinkles the Preen, pulls the old mulch back in place, and adds new mulch as necessary.
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Then, turn over those beds to raw dirt.
By turning it over and exposing dirt you are just inviting more weed growth.

All my beds have 6-8" of mulch and all I ever do is break up the surface and rake it out every spring and replace areas as they thin out and I have no weeds.

Those that do stand up get a shot of weed killer and the beds look good all year!

Anything less than 6" of mulch will support weed growth.
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Are these perennial plants that pop up ? Dig some up and look for carrot-like roots. Probably a good dose of CrossBow or something will help out.
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Spray the weeds with Round Up...there is also an extended life version. Round Up will kill the weed roots. Sprinkle some Preen and water it in.....effective for about 4 months. Turning everything over is a lot of work so just top dress the mulch when it needs it.

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