Paver patio on slope suggestions


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Paver patio on slope suggestions

This will be the first time doing a patio and retaining wall and I was just wanting some suggestions as to how we should go about designing/building it. There is about a 10% slope and I've posted pictures below of what space we want to cover with the patio. My biggest question is if we should build the retaining wall on the bottom of the slope or if we should build the retaining wall into the slope where the grill is and just digging all of that out until we've got a nice level spot which we would prefer. Which would be the best method for a beginner? Also does anyone have any tips that I may not have read about already? Thank you

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Either way you do it you'll need some retaining wall. Probably best for the long term is to cut down for the patio and have the retaining wall on the high side under your existing deck. Your house looks relatively new so pay carful attention to compaction when close to the house.
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Okay, thank you for the advice, also because I'm just curious, what does our house being relatively new have to do with being extra mindful about compacting around our house? The house is about 15 years old. And if we do the retaining wall as you suggested, we will have to put one along the side where the deck steps are too then correct?
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I'm not so sure you need to build a retaining wall. I would build up the low end to make it level (provide a slight slope to allow rain run off) and then have the ground slope down from the edges (a berm). Use a heavy ground cover plant or thick grass to hold the soil in place. I've seen many berms that are bigger and higher than what you're looking at. A raised bank actually looks good.
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Just from the pictures I would vote to split the difference.

The area between the steps and house could be a step or two up and used for storage and keeping the grill which would then allow the patio to be relatively flat with the yardl

You could actually add some fill around and especially the front right corner to raise.

Since the patio will not have a railing, like a deck, you want to eliminate as many uneven step up/down, they can become a trip hazard since they are not consistent at all locations.

Regarding the comment about compaction, he was referencing the area around the foundation that gets back filled after construction and can settle. !5 years and your good!
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With that much slope, I would expand the deck and forget the patio.
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When a house is built the ground is dug out several feet larger than the foundation. After the house is finished this trench around the perimeter is back filled and often not compacted. For a lawn it's no big deal but for a patio you need to make sure everything is compacted so you don't have settling in the future. It's also why I don't recommend bringing in fill to raise one end as it would require proper compaction. Cutting down into the virgin soil generally doesn't require compaction or it requires much less.
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What kind of patio?
If you're thinking of laying pavers, I wouldn't bother with a retaining wall.
If you're thining of pouring concrete, might go with a retaining wall, but first make sure you don't have any wires, pipes or conduit under the area.

I'd go with pavers, the left edge of the patio should be level at the steps, otherwise you trip.
The back edge should be 1-2" below the siding, but level with the siding, otherwise is looks sloppy.
You want to have a "complex slope" which must means sloping down and to the right along the diagonal to shed water away from the house.

First, figure out paver hieght, and the required depth of gravel/sand under that, so you know that "I need to dig down 3" below the stairs so that when I add back 2" of compacted gravel and a 1" paver, it's level at the bottom of the stairs.

Second, shallow rototill the patio area, just enought to remove the surface layer of grass, rake that off it into narrow piles / berms along where the edges of where the patio will be. Get a level and use the piles of turf to layout a rough version of the heights and slopes that the edges of the patio should be at.

Third, figure out what depths you need, and rototill the highest parts and rake and/or remove dirt until you have dug down enough to accomodate the depth you need for gravel base + pavers for all areas of the patio.

Fourth, take any extra dirt from diggout and use it to smooth out the slope from the highest edge of the patio to the lawn - if you've got enough extra dirt, you won't need a retaining wall. If you don't have enough dirt, you might need a retaining wall.

Fifth, fill the hold with base gravel.

Sixth, layout the pavers in whaterver pattern. When they look good, hose the area down and then stand on them to set them into place.

Seventh, add the sand mix between the pavers to lock them in.
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