Underground downspout advice


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Underground downspout advice

We are having the stamped concrete walkway replaced at our house. Same shape, just normal concrete. Sick of the upkeep on the walkway (stripping and sealing).

So, we thought we'd also take a crack at ditching the downspout extension here as well. We think we want to route it to the landscaped area shown in the second picture. We'd rather not have it in the lawn. Since the walkway will be removed, seems like the opportune time if that's the direction we want to go.

The area is fairly flat. I was thinking I'd do one of these popup bubblers. Something on the order of this kit:
UnderGround Downspout Diverter - Extension Keeps Roof Water Away From Foundation - Waterproof.com

I don't know how well this would work, so thought I'd question people here to get advice.

Would that debris filter be a must-have?

Also not sure how far I would want to go out in to the landscaped area with the bubbler pot?

Thanks all

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IMO that is not a good idea because a lot of water comes off the roof and if both go to the same area it will be a muddy mess and water will overflow across your sidewalk and driveway. In the winter that would be ice.

Pop ups from downspouts should be a good 10' or so away from the house foundation and the lawn is the best place for them.
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What is the composition of the ground ?
Does water drain into the ground or is the surface always wet ?

Where I live is pretty much all sand and the pop ups work good. If you're in area with hard ground.... like clay.... you'll find the water in a puddle around them.
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I would agree, you REALLY want to get water directed as far away from the foundation as possible.

If you want the ultimate, and the topography of the property supports, get all the downspouts hooked into a line underground that drains far away!
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I really do not like those underground pop-up things. Running the drain pipe underground is OK though as long as it's sloping downhill the whole way. The problem with pop-up devices is the drain is U shaped and the water at the end must flow uphill. Heavy sediment like grit from the shingles and dirt collects in the underground pipe and never gets flushed out, eventually clogging.
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I did what Marq1 suggests. Get it far away as possible. I have considered popups at the condo, but they look like a maintenance headache.
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Worthless when the buried pipes freeze up in a real winter and do not melt enough before the roof snow and early showers come.

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Worthless when the buried pipes freeze up in a real winter
As long as you have sufficient slope and get them down 18" I have only had one area ever freeze where the slope and depth were minimal during the polar vortex of 2012,

My longest runs from the front of the house to the creek in the back yard are probably 150' long.
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