Too much lime

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Too much lime

I am laying down sod tomorrow. I was prepping the area today. Rototilling etc. It is only 200 square feet. pH level was about 6. Not thinking I put a whole bag of lime in the area and spread it with a rake before I realized the bag is intended to cover 5000 sqft. So I applied 25x the recommended amount of lime. Fully aware how much of a stupid mistake this is.

How imperative is it that I address the over-liming? Should I do so before laying the sod down? If so, what are my best options for addressing the over-liming? Thanks.
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My guess is the lime would damage the sod roots as they come into direct contact with the soil when installed. I would water the lime into the ground and rototill again before installing the sod. You can purchase a PH tester and check the soil before installing sod.
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What type of soil do you have? Some soil types take considerably more lime to move that pH than other soils. But, I think you only have a few options. 1. Lay the sod and hope for the best. 2. Rototill the area as deeply as possible to dilute the lime into more soil. 3. Remove the over treated soil. I'd go for option #2 and just try to blend it in as well as possible.

What type of lime did you apply? If you used a dolomitic lime it's not too bad especially if you can till it in and get it diluted into more soil. Dolomitic lime's affect on soil pH can vary wildly with the soil type. On it's own it's pH is about 9 but when mixed well into soil it's quite moderate and very hard to over do it.

I would not try adding products to lower the pH especially without knowing your soil type and what lime you used. Trying to counteract the lime would mostly just be guessing and you risk making things worse.
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I would rototill the area again, dry. Water will activate the lime. Do you have your sod delivered and on site? If so, and you need time...unroll it and it will not turn yellow.

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