Lawn care question (first time homeowner)

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Lawn care question (first time homeowner)

I am a new homeowner and I live in Toronto, Canada region where temperature is currently averaging 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. I notice my lawn is a bit yellow compared to neighbours and thin in areas. My goal is to get a more lush lawn with less yellowing. My grass area is approximately 1500 sq ft with the front (see image below) having North exposure (partly shaded) and the back having South exposure (also partly shaded by fence)

So far I have mowed my lawn once and raked up the dead grass using a rake I was given (see image below). I collected about one full bag of dead grass. My next step, as per some research I’ve done, is to aerate the lawn using a manual aerator I purchased.

The steps after aeration are causing me confusion. I have heard several opinions from friends/coworkers on how to overseed and how to apply fertilizer, water, etc.

I am wondering what steps come after aerating and in what order? I have a bag of “all condition” grass seed and a bag of “starter fertilizer 20-27-5”. Someone mentioned that I also need top soil? Am I missing anything? Do I apply the starter fertilizer and then the grass seeds on top? And also how long do I wait before I can water? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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A good core aeration is almost always a good idea. I would also advise a soil test to see what nutrients your lawn may be missing. The down side is no grass grows in the shade, so you may have your work cut out for you. Additionally, I think you wasted your time raking the lawn; that decomposing material was only going to provide fertilizer for your lawn.
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A few things to add to what stickshift said.
Some types of grass die out like that every year and come back to life once things start to warm up.
Not there in person to look at it but to my eye from that picture it looks like may be mowing the grass to short.
It should never be less then 3", some types of grass call for 4".
Getting late in the season to do much of anything, most of what your suggesting doing should have been done in the fall or very early spring.
Check out the Scott's website on there suggested programs for lawn care.
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The core aeration is ok, but not necessary.

Its early spring so you should be putting down first fertilizer, a good weed and feed or pre emergence will kick start the spring growth.

Starter fertilizer could be used just to use it up, you dont need any top soil unless filling low areas, and for now over seeding is probably not needed!

As they say, feed the lawn!
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A soil to your neighbor about his methods....and a light feeding of 10-10-10.
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