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weed and feed

I have already put down my fall weed and feed, so done for the year, but thinking ahead to next spring, and wondering about a granular spreader versus a sprayer. I currently use a granular walk behind spreader, and am not ashamed to admit that a couple of acres is a workout sometimes, so started thinking about a pull behind one. But then there's still the issue of, in my opinion anyway, granular being a bit more particular about when you put it down, as in damp so it sticks to the weeds and whatnot, but no rain for 24 hours. And my walk behind has a gate to shut off one side when going around flower beds, but I'm thinking protecting them with a pull behind might be a bit of a challenge. So that got me wondering if maybe I want a sprayer, but I don't know how effective they are, nor how particular they may be as far as heat, humidity, dew points, etc. I have experience with large sprayers for soy beans, etc., but none with smaller ones like this. Any experiences, opinions, etc.?
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Most products do not have to be applied when the grass is wet with dew. That is something almost specific to some Scotts Weed N Feed products. Everything else just gets spread whenever with no regard to dew on the leaves.

I have no idea why you are talking about sprayers and worrying about "...heat, humidity, dew points, etc.". Restricted products are not available for home lawn use so there really isn't anything "fussy" that you would apply.
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I have a broadcast spreader, my neighbor has a sprayer.

I guess it's what ever you want to use but the broadcast spreader seems simpler than a sprayer with pumps and sprayer arms but that is just my opinion!
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When I was doing two acres of turf, I used my ATV mounted broadcast spreader for Fertilizer mostly. I did use it for preemergence dry stuff for crabgrass etc, but for the most part I went after weeds with a sprayer that has just one nozzle that also mounts on the back of my ATV) I got from Northern Tool. If I was close to plants that I did not want to kill, I used a small pump sprayer in those spots. I always found that trying to do too many things with just one tool was a recipe for doing at least one of those many things wrong, or not as good as a tool that was made specifically for it would.

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