Problems after replacing bulbs with LEDs

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Question Problems after replacing bulbs with LEDs

I have a few light fixtures which have experienced different issues after switching from incandescent (halogen) to LED bulbs.

First, I have two of these on our front porch. They are both light and motion sensitive. I have them set to they come on (dim) for 6 hours after dusk, and turn bright when motion is sensed. After the 6 hours, they turn off, but will still come on to full bright with motion.

Anyway, they've worked fine for years. Then I replaced the halogens with these LEDs. Now both the light sensing and motion sensing functions are inoperative. They're basically just "dumb" lights now: turn on and off with the switch, nothing else. Why?

The web page says you can use LEDs, as long as they are dimmable, and they are. Yet it seems like somehow the LEDs have killed both of the sensing functions. And to top it off, I put halogens back and and the light / motion sensing is still dead. It's like the LEDs permanently killed them! Does this make any sense?

Separately, I have an interior light fixture which holds 3 incandescent bulbs. I switched them to 3 LEDs and the worked fine. However, the fixture is on a dimmer, and I had forgotten to buy dimmable LEDs. So I went out and bought dimmable LEDs and swapped them out. Now, 1 of the 3 sockets won't work with the dimmable LED! It works with the incandescent/halogen, works with the non-dimmable LED, but won't work with the dimmable LED! And the other 2 sockets work fine with any of the bulbs. Any ideas on this one?

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It is possible that the LED's harmed the fixture. Usually it's the other way around with the bulb being damaged. I've seen it happen a lot with compact fluorescent lights. A traditional light bulb is just a dumb resistance load while a compact fluorescent and especially a LED bulb is an electronic device. To make matters worse there are two common methods for dimming a LED bulb so maybe the way your fixture dimmed was incompatible with the bulb.

As for your three bulb fixture inside have you tried moving the dimable bulbs around? Maybe you simply have a bad bulb.
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For the 3 bulbs inside, be sure the bulb is seating enough to make contact.

For the 2 outside fixtures, how old are they and do you have a mfg name. If the bulbs killed the fixture I would be talking to both the bulb mfg and the fixture mfg. Failing to work properly is enough of a hassle. One killing the other tells me someone didn't do their homework (design).

Do let us know the outcome.

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Re: inside fixture, I did try moving the bulbs all around, and everything seems to be seated, but still no luck. I ended up just having to settle for 2 LEDs and one halogen in that trouble socket.

On the outside fixtures, they were several years old. The current model (which looks identical) says it's compatible with LEDs, but it's possible these old ones weren't. I ended up replacing the outdoor fixtures with those Kuna light/cameras, since I wanted security cameras anyway. Two birds, one stone. Pretty slick!
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Dimmers are different in configuration than photocells. I say the photocell is not playing nice with the LED, since you do have full normal function (on/off)
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Unfortunately what was made for incandescent bulbs usually will not work with an LED bulb. The frustrating thing is that they don't always tell you that on a package of an LED bulb. The industry that makes LED bulbs is slowly improving and some packages now state you need an approved dimmer but they really should have said so before hand. The good thing is that now most dimmer manufacturers and manufacturers of other devices have improved their products too so that they are compatible but you still have to be careful. So for now at least it is buyer beware.

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